Police Officer

Greensboro, NC
University of North Carolina Greensboro

Salary range:

  • Police Officer Trainee: $39,462 – $45,919.
  • Police Officer I: $51,660-$53,726.
  • Police Officer II: $54,243-$56,413.
  • Police Officer III: $56,995-$59,275.

Open Until Filled

Position Summary:

The main purpose of the UNC Greensboro Police Officer position is to protect and serve the students, faculty, staff and visitors of University of North Carolina Greensboro through law enforcement and crime prevention. The selected candidate(s) will patrol campus and investigate complaints and violations of State laws and local ordinances using the Community Oriented Policing philosophy. This person also develops and implements preventative patrol techniques and performs specialized duties to deter crime and promote effective safety and security practices.

Essential Functions:

  • Performs the basic police services for the University Community and the general public;
  • Alert for violations of state law, city ordinances, and university regulations;
  • Complete all necessary oral and/or written reports as may be required in a timely manner;
  • Arrests and processes suspects through the appropriate procedures;
  • Stay current in all software-related programs such as (police-Pak, Magistrate System, E-mail, PZP, DCI, and CJIN); Operate police vehicle;
  • Successfully investigate criminal acts and follow through with the investigation to its culmination in criminal court and administrative hearings;
  • Ability to investigate traffic accidents involving property damage and minor personal injury;
  • Arrests and processes suspects through the appropriate procedures;
  • Responds to calls, recognizes situations quickly and objectively, and determines appropriate actions;
  • Demonstrates ability to function as a chemical analyst while processing a DWI arrest: Identifies suspicious individuals, incidents, vehicles;
  • Exhibits good working knowledge of all laws and applies that knowledge to normal activity;
  • Exhibits the ability to reason through a problem and come to a reasonable, acceptable conclusion in routine situations with little assistance;
  • Exhibits the ability to reason through a problem and come to a reasonable, acceptable conclusion in complex, stressful and/or high risk situations;
  • Evaluate and address crime prevention and community relations issues;Coordinates and assists in community programs;
  • Identifies community problems. analyzes alternatives, recommends;
  • Presents Adopt a Cop presentations;
  • Polite, courtesy, and professional at all times and attend to the public’s distress and/or complaints brought to the attention of the police as soon as possible;
  • Keeps the department informed through pass-on;
  • Works proactive to address diversity issues with groups and individuals from different ethic backgrounds;
  • Listens to and utilizes citizen input;
  • Exhibits good teamwork skills including the ability to take on tasks that lead to the achievement of team goals;
  • Personal contacts on a daily basis including departmental employees, University officials, community leaders, and other law enforcement agencies.


  • Minimum of High School diploma or GED.
  • At least probationary certification from the NC CJETSC as a commissioned police officer and successful completion of the appointing agency’s designated field training program for newly appointed Campus Police Officers.
  • Candidate must be at least 20 years of age at the time of appointment; candidate must meet physical and psychological requirements of the North Carolina Criminal Education and Standards Commission, which includes a physical exam, medical exam, psychological exam, and drug test.
  • In addition, the UNC Greensboro Police Department requires candidates to possess a valid North Carolina Driver’s License; and pass an in-depth background investigation, which includes driver’s history and criminal history with no felony convictions, psychological testing, drug screening, and physical.
  • Must successfully complete the university’s orientation course and a twelve-week department field training program during the probationary period; must satisfactorily complete the state-mandated probationary period.
  • The selected candidate must possess the ability to effectively communicate both orally and in writing and deal with the public and representatives of the criminal justice system in a professional manner.
  • The candidate(s) for this position will be considered an ‘ESSENTIAL’ Emergency Duty Employee.
  • This means that the position is one that is necessary to ensure University operations continue uninterrupted during periods of adverse weather and/or other emergency situations, including those that require the University to close.
  • As such the employee in this position will be required to report to work according to their usual schedule, or upon notification to report outside of their usual work schedule.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Candidate must meet the physical and psychological requirements of the North Carolina Criminal Education and Standards Commission, which includes a physical exam, psychological exam, and drug test.
  • Ability to subdue resisting suspects and effect forcible arrest.
  • Ability to defend oneself.
  • Ability to operate law enforcement vehicle.
  • Pursue fleeing suspects.
  • Perform searches of people and buildings.
  • Exercise independent judgement.
  • Apply appropriate use-of-force options.
  • Comprehend legal documents (i.e. citations, affidavits, and warrants).
  • Command emergency personnel at accidents, emergencies and disasters.
  • Willing to work day and night shift assignments.