Police Officer

Madison, AL
Madison Police Department

Salary: $49,412.48 – $55,581.76 Annually.

Position Summary:

This is general duty police work involving protection of life and property through the enforcement of laws and ordinances. The Patrol Officer is responsible for the prevention and detection of crime, apprehension of criminals, and the general enforcement of laws and ordinances in a designated area or an assigned shift. Work is performed in accordance with Departmental rules and regulations and established procedures. At times, it involves personal danger. A Patrol Officer must be able to act without direct supervision and exercise independent discretion in meeting emergencies. Assignments and instructions are received from a superior officer who reviews work methods and results through reports and observation, and is usually available to assist on difficult problems. The Patrol Officer is routinely assigned to uniform patrol, but may be assigned to any other assignment as authorized by the Chief of Police.

Essential Functions:

  • Reports for duty at the specified time and place wearing the required uniform, and all equipment necessary to sustain themselves until the completion of the tour of duty.
  • Maintains equipment and uniforms in a neat and orderly fashion and make certain they are properly groomed in compliance with Department policy.
  • Records necessary and pertinent information disseminated at roll call; inspects, maintains and operates assigned police vehicle in compliance with Department policy, routine patrol, preliminary investigations and traffic regulation duties which may be performed in vehicles, motorcycles or on foot.
  • Inspects assigned patrol area for unusual or hazardous conditions and takes appropriate action when such conditions are found.
  • Conducts frequent business and residence checks within assigned area.
  • Investigates all suspicious persons and circumstances encountered while on duty.
  • Prepares and submits factual written reports pertaining to assignments and any investigations necessary.
  • Conducts preventive patrol during unassigned time.
  • Processes and transports prisoners.
  • Pursues, apprehends and questions persons who violate laws and ordinances.
  • Maintains substantive knowledge of pertinent City, State and Federal laws and ordinances and maintains substantive knowledge and adheres to all Department policies and procedures.
  • Collects and preserves evidence at crime scenes.
  • Presents testimony in courts of law.
  • Assist other officers with investigations or back-up as may be required.


  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • High School graduate or equivalent.
  • Satisfactory completion of all phases of the personnel selection process for Police Officers as established by the City of Madison.
  • Must be able to successfully complete probationary period as a Police Officer.
  • Current State mandated certification from the Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission required.
  • Satisfaction of the requirements established by the City of Madison.
  • Possess the required educational level or its equivalent in order to perform and comprehend the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Ability to successfully complete job related courses as required.