Police Officer

Stowe, VT
Stowe Police Department

Salary: $26.05 per hour.

Open until filled

Position Summary:

The purpose of this position is to perform a variety of public safety duties which include, but are not limited to, answering criminal and general calls for service, investigating vehicle crashes, proactively enforce state law and municipal ordinances, and interact with community members to prevent crime and solve problems. Persons in this position perform public safety duties described below both in a proactive and responsive manner while pursuing department goals and conforming to the department’s mission statement. Officers are responsible for the compliance with Department’s General Orders, directives and regulations.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrols by police vehicle for extended periods, in all weather and lighting conditions.
  • Officers may patrol by vehicle, bicycle, or on foot.
  • Works varying days, hours and holidays as determined by Department needs and contractual provisions.
  • Enforces all Federal, State and local laws and ordinances within the Town of Stowe and the State of Vermont.
  • Complies with all applicable codes, laws, rules, regulations, standards, policies and procedures, department directives and general orders.
  • Treats all employees fairly and equally under like circumstances in accordance with the law, department policy and general orders.
  • Promotes a safe and respectful work culture. Does not use any speech or behaviors which run counter to any standards, which convey disrespect to others. Promotes and abides by fair and impartial policing standards. Advances community policing by promoting, setting the example for positive relationship with the community by demonstrating the tenants of community policing.
  • Answers all calls for service as dispatched or assigned.
  • Investigates criminal offenses, motor vehicles accidents and other incidents. Investigate criminal offenses to identify offenders, makes custodial arrests as well as referrals to criminal justice and judicial officials.
  • Investigates juvenile crimes, other juvenile matters and children as crime victims.
  • Responds to questions and complaints from citizens, provides information, researches problems, and initiates resolution of problems/complaints.
  • Diligently and efficiently investigates all cases assigned.
  • Documents facts and evidence through proper investigative techniques.
  • Interviews witnesses, victims and accused and takes statements as required or when appropriate.
  • Enforces traffic laws and ordinances, which includes the stopping of violators, giving warnings, issuing summons, inspecting and towing vehicles.
  • May be called upon to serve civil or criminal process in the form of warrants, abuse prevention orders, subpoena, or other type of judicial order.
  • Makes arrests in accordance with the United States and Vermont Constitution, state statute, rules of criminal procedure, training, and department rules and regulations (policies). Will be called upon to testify in judicial situations as necessary.
  • Makes arrests for violation of law, enforces fish and wildlife laws, gathers evidence and prepares reports for court cases, appears in court to present evidence; completes reports and maintains appropriate records of activities.
  • Utilizes proper methods in collection, marking and taking control of evidence at the scene of a crime or incident in accordance with proper procedures. Safeguards all evidence and property recovered that comes into his/her possession.


  • Applicants must be 21 years of age.
  • A U.S. citizen.
  • Possess a High School diploma or equivalent.
  • Possess a valid Driver’s License.
  • Must be fluent in English and have the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, state statutes, ordinances, and procedure manuals.