Police Officer

Glenn Heights, TX
Glenn Heights Police Department

The Police Officer is responsible for patrolling the City of Glenn Heights to prevent, investigate and detect criminal violations of federal, state, and local laws.

$47,330.00 – $62,301.58 Annually

2/6/2020 12:00 PM Central


  • Prevents crime and enforces laws.
  • Operates patrol car to observe violations of traffic laws and prevent crimes or disturbances of the peace.
  • Responds to radio dispatches, answers complaints, issues citations and prepares reports.
  • Gathers information in criminal investigations; conducts investigative and other patrol functions.
  • Works with citizens to identify problems, utilize resources available to eliminate problems and/or reduce the impact upon the community.
  • Conducts visual and audio surveillance for extended periods; conducts arrests and performs searches of people, vehicles, buildings and large outdoor areas.
  • Pursues fleeing suspects and performs rescue operations.
  • Investigates crime scenes, takes photographs and obtains fingerprints.
  • Arrests offenders and completes associated reports.
  • Processes arrested suspects to include taking photographs and obtaining a legible set of inked fingerprints.
  • Communicates with juveniles and adults by giving information and directions, mediating disputes and advising of rights and processes.


Education & Experience
Minimum Qualifications:

  • High School diploma or GED equivalent
  • Must have working knowledge of Federal, State and Local Laws
  • Licenses and Certifications:
  • Must have a valid Class "C" Driver's License prior to employment
  • Basic certification by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement must be obtained prior to employment or no later than June 1, 2020.

Eligible candidates must have no felony convictions; must have no convictions of Class A or Class B misdemeanors within the last five years; must not be on probation for any criminal offense above the grade of a Class C misdemeanor; must not have convictions for any family violence offense; must not have convictions for DWI in the past ten (10) years; cannot be on suspension for a breath test refusal; must not have not been prohibited by state or federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition; must not have not been prohibited by state or federal law from operating a motor vehicle within the past twenty four (24) months; must not be currently under indictment for any criminal offense; must not have convictions for crimes involving moral turpitude.