Police Officer

Rollingwood, TX
Rollingwood Police Department

Salary: $25.75 an hour ($53,550 annual).

Position Summary:

The Rollingwood Police Department is seeking a qualified individual to become a member of our team of officers dedicated to public service and safety. Rollingwood is community of approximately 1500 people. It is situated only minutes from downtown Austin. The historic capital region of Texas is known for its music and food scene as well as scenic hill country and city‐scape views. Rollingwood residents are friendly and supportive of their police department
which operates under the community policing model. Officers enjoy every other weekend off and a generous benefits package.

Essential Functions:

  • Promotes a secure environment by patrolling, on car, by foot and on bike. Deterring crime by presence, assisting in high risk situations, providing special surveillance operations, taking reports, operating Police equipment, enforcing State and local laws and City ordinances, subduing combative or uncooperative subjects, making lawful arrests and keeping the peace on civil scenes.
  • Enforces traffic laws by patrolling roadways, responding to calls from Dispatch Center, observing violations and making traffic stops, searching vehicles when probable cause is found, issuing citations or written warnings, and filing appropriate reports.
  • Respond to motor vehicle accidents, clearing the road way, interviewing involved parties, observing and recording evidence at the scene, interpreting and drawing conclusions from evidence, making an overall assessment of the incident, taking appropriate actions, issuing citations and filing reports.
  • Investigates crimes by responding to calls for service, interviewing witnesses, victims and suspects, preserving, gathering and documenting evidence, submitting evidence, filing reports, issuing citations, taking suspects into custody, and filing charges through the District / County Attorney’s office.
  • Testifying truthfully in court and other proceedings.
  • Maintains positive community relations by answering citizen’s questions and providing various other forms of civic service and assistance for citizens.
  • Seeks opportunities for positive interaction with citizens, visitors and businesses in Rollingwood.
  • Other duties as directed by supervisors.


1. Must be 21 years of age with a current TCOLE license.
2. Must be a United States Citizen.
3. Must possess a valid Texas driver’s license.
4. Must NOT have been discharged from any military service under less than honorable conditions, specifically: Under other than honorable conditions; bad conduct; dishonorable; or any other characterization service indicating bad behavior.
5. Cannot have violated any TCOLE rule or provision of Occupation Code, Chapter 1701.
6. Must be of good moral character.
7. Must be capable of performing all essential job functions.
8. Must successfully complete the following: Thorough background investigation; interview; drug and psychological screening; provide all requested supporting documents.
9. Must have a high school diploma or GED.