Police Officer

St. Louis, MO
St. Louis Police Department


  • Minimum: $54,652.00
  • Maximum: $78,312.00

Position Summary:

This is a Police Officer position with the City of St. Louis Department of Public Safety Police Division. Incumbents perform duties to patrol a specific area to protect life and property and enforce laws and ordinances using tactful and courteous treatment of the public and conscientious and efficient performance of duties.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrolling a district or assigned area;
  • Investigating offenses and any suspicious conditions, makes arrests, recovers property, transports prisoners to appropriate facilities, and prepares proper reports;
  • Testifying in court as required;
  • Enforcing traffic and parking regulations, directs traffic, investigates and prepares reports of traffic accidents and incidents.
  • Issuing tickets to traffic violators.
  • Disburses unruly crowds; providing assistance to sick, injured or destitute persons, reports suspicious activity or persons or hazards that endanger public safety to superior.


  • Applicants must possess a Missouri Class A Peace Officer License.
  • New hires shall be hired at a rate of pay in the pay matrix that recognizes a year of service for every year of service having previously worked in a law enforcement agency.
  • Possessed said license, up to a maximum of Fifteen (15) years.
  • Must meet and maintain the minimum qualifications and licensing requirements while employed by the City of St. Louis.
  • Must pass working test period to obtain permanent status.
  • Working test period is six (6) months, however employees can be rated after ninety (90) days or extended for an additional five (5) months.