Police Officer

Greendale, WI
Greendale Police Department

Salary: $63,705.74 – $90,143.78 Annually.

Position Summary:

Under the general direction of the Chief of Police, Captain, Lieutenant and Sergeant, the Patrol Officer is responsible for assisting the Chief of Police in maintaining law and order within the corporate limits of the Village of Greendale.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrol residential and commercial property in a vehicle to observe, prevent or terminate unlawful acts; maintains radio contact with dispatch; reports crimes or unusual situations; responds to calls or initiates actions; backs up other units as required.
  • Respond to a wide range of citizen needs and requests, at times under emergency situations; e.g., accidents, rescue efforts, search for missing person(s), alarms and in-progress felonies.
  • Respond to calls involving traffic crashes and other serious accidents; secure scene to protect victims and property; give first aid and calls for medical assistance; interview participants and witnesses; collect other related information and complete reports.
  • Facilitate the movement of people and vehicles, including enforcement of all traffic regulations; controls and redirects traffic in congested areas and scenes of emergency or danger; promotes traffic safety; assists stranded motorists; enforces parking restrictions; controls crowds; and prevents the blockage of sidewalks, streets and other public accesses.
  • Operate a radar unit in monitoring speed of traffic; stop violators and issue warnings or citations, may conduct appropriate tests for determination of intoxication/impairment.
  • Respond to reports of criminal activity; searches buildings, residences and surrounding areas for criminal subjects; secure scene to restore peace and protect evidence; calls for assistance as needed; provides backup to other officers engaged in confrontation or arrest activities.
  • Interview complainants and witnesses; analyzes probable sequence of events; seeks additional data through research, telephone calls, interviews and other methods; identifies, arrests, fingerprints and takes into custody offenders for probable cause; advises such persons of their constitutional rights; searches for weapons or contraband; interrogates regarding act(s) committed; transports for incarceration and testifies in court proceedings to provide facts and evidence.
  • Serve as an investigator as required; conduct follow-up investigations; interview witnesses, victims and others and take statements; interrogate suspects; examine records and collect evidence to be used for criminal prosecutions; prepare detailed investigative reports; conduct surveillance; contact parents and other agencies for the purpose of juvenile counseling and referral.
  • Serve warrants, make arrests, and process and/or transport prisoners.
  • Testify in court as summoned.
  • Periodically practice the use of a variety of firearms and attend continuing education seminars and lectures on various law enforcement practices and techniques.
  • May have to work in inclement weather; may be subject to personal hostility; and the potential exists for sustaining serious bodily harm or possibly death in the performance of duties.
  • Provide effective and efficient customer services, and promote and maintain responsive community relations.
  • Work with social agencies, schools, and other groups.
  • Perform business and vacation checks within their designated area of patrol.
  • Certification of the State TIME System must be continuous during employment. Any other minimum standards set by WI Department of Justice or Training and Standards Board as applicable.
  • Perform any other duties as assigned by the Chief of Police and/or designee.


  • U.S. citizen.
  • Minimum 60 college credits – criminal justice or related field preferred.
  • Must possess a valid Wisconsin Driver’s License.
  • Must have certification as a law enforcement officer for the State of Wisconsin.
  • No Domestic Violence convictions.
  • Ability to possess a firearm.