Police Officer

Merrimack, NH
Merrimack Police Department

Salary: $27.98 – $33.21 Hourly.

Essential Functions:

  • The patrol officer shall be responsible for the enforcement of the applicable laws of the State of New Hampshire and ordinances of the Town of Merrimack.
  • He/she is also responsible for efficient performance of required duties in conformance with the rules, regulations, and policies of the Merrimack Police Department.
  • His/her duties include responding to emergency and non-emergency calls.
  • Identifying criminal offenders/activity and where appropriate, apprehend offenders.
  • Reduce the opportunity for the commission of crimes through preventative patrol.
  • Aid individuals who are in danger of physical harm.
  • Facilitate the movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  • Identify problems that are potentially serious law enforcement or governmental problems.
  • Create and maintain a feeling of security within the community.
  • Promote and preserve the peace.
  • Perform other related duties as required.


  • High School diploma or GED from an accredited institution.
  • Candidates not certified must pass minimum written and physical agility testing.
  • Current full or part-time police officers employed in the State of NH must be certified by the NH Police Standards and Training Council and will be exempt from the written exam portion of the eligibility process only.