Police Officer

Brownwood, TX
Brownwood Police Department

Salary: $5,093.00 per month.

Position Summary:

This is an hourly position that works in the “Patrol Division”. Due to the “Meet and Confer” agreement between the
Brownwood Municipal Police Association and the City of Brownwood, this position shall have a work period of fourteen (14) days and the City will pay overtime for hours worked in excess of eighty-four (84) hours during a 14- day work period of regularly established City pay period. This person performs routine patrol, either by motor vehicle or on foot, of business and residential areas within the City of Brownwood; usually assigned to a specific district during tour of duty. Responsibility of employees in this classification is to control traffic and to enforce all traffic laws, to prevent vandalism and damage to property, and to protect human life. Specific and general work assignments are received from superior officers and the employee works independently using personal discretion and judgment in meeting any eventuality which might arise. Must be willing to adopt and exhibit the City of Brownwood “I SERVE” Core Values.

Essential Functions:

  1. Routine patrol, either by motor vehicle or on foot.
  2. Control traffic and enforce all traffic laws; Direct traffic during hours of congestion and other times when necessary; monitor traffic in various speed zones and enforce same by use of radar or other police methods.
  3. Deter criminal activity by using good patrol procedures and staying alert.
  4. Issue citations for traffic and other violations, make arrests, book and jail prisoners when necessary.
  5. Investigate and report citizen complaints.
  6. Report street obstructions, road hazards and other matters that might interfere with the safety of citizens or cause damage to property.
  7. Use two-way radio to transmit and receive calls and request assistance when necessary.
  8. Perform accident investigations, complete necessary reports of same to city and state agencies.
  9. Render first aid when necessary.
  10. Responsible for report writing, referring to offenses and incidents; crime scene investigation and other matters,
    compiling facts and information.
  11. Assist with crowd control at City facilities and other locations when necessary.
  12. Drive police vehicle to escort funeral processions, parades and other special occasions.
  13. Make court appearances and testify when necessary.
  14. Deal tactfully and maintain satisfactory relationships with the general public and fellow employees.
  15. Responds in emergency situations.
  16. Perform other related police work as assigned by supervisor.


  • High school diploma or G.E.D. certificate and successful completion of Texas Basic Peace Officer Academy.
  • No experience required.
  • Officers are required to pass the Civil Service examinations and interview process and are selected from a Civil Service eligibility list; upon appointment, they are placed on a twelve-month probationary period.
  • Must hold a Texas Basic Peace Officer certification and be licensed by Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE), or completion of Police academy and eligible for immediate license with TCOLE.
  • Must possess a valid driver license.
  • Posses a valid Texas Driver License at time of hire.
  • Have or obtain within 6 months of appointment IS-100 NIMS, IS-200 NIMS, IS-700 NIMS and IS-800 NIMS certifications.