Police Officer

Midwest City, OK
Midwest City Police Department

Salary: $55,214-$58,382/YR.

Position Summary:

Under the direct supervision of a Lieutenant, performs day to day enforcement of municipal, state and federal laws (including making arrests, working accidents, testifying in court, preliminary investigations, traffic regulations, etc.) in a designated area on an assigned shift.

Essential Functions:

  1. Responsible for enforcing all municipal, state and federal ordinances, statutes and laws. Patrols designated area of City in patrol car.
  2. Checks houses and businesses during non-active hours for unlocked doors, broken windows or any abnormalities in or around the building.
  3. Responds to all dispatched calls which may include domestic quarrels, fights, drunks, bar disturbances, larcenies, vandalism, fire calls, prowlers, stranded motorist, etc. and maintains constant contact with dispatcher.
  4. Provides assistance and support to other law enforcement agencies as required.
  5. Investigate accidents including assessing for injuries, calling for required assistance and writing and filing accident reports as required.
  6. Issues citations, written warnings or verbal warnings to motorist in violation of ordinances or laws.
  7. Directs and controls traffic as required.
  8. Inspects bars and private clubs in order to insure compliance with State and City law.
  9. May be assigned to assist investigators in searching, locating and processing drugs and narcotics and transporting them to the State Lab for chemical analysis.
  10. Performs stake-out duties on possible targets of crime, known offenders and other as required.
  11. Serves warrants and other official documents.
  12. May be assigned to various duties in different divisions within the Police Department.
  13. Interview/interrogates victims, suspects and witnesses to obtain information.
  14. May be assigned to perform field training officer duties.
  15. Utilizes crime analysis data provided by the department to address crime problems in the community.
  16. Testifies in court.
  17. Makes initial contact, writes and files report on any type of criminal activity assigned including armed robbery, burglary, rape, assault and battery, public drunk, DUI, child abuse, etc.
  18. May be required to act as a field supervisor in the lieutenant’s absence.
  19. Performs other duties as required.


  1. Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent.
  2. College degree preferred.
  3. Must be 21 years of age.
  4. Knowledge of municipal, state and federal laws.
  5. Knowledge of departmental rules, regulations and procedures.
  6. Knowledge of the geography of Midwest City including streets, buildings and jurisdictional lines.
  7. Knowledge of FCC regulations, 10 codes and Midwest City signal codes.
  8. Knowledge of standard arrest procedures.
  9. Knowledge of crime prevention techniques.
  10. Knowledge of social service organizations that may provide assistance to the citizens of the community.
  11. Knowledge of adult learning procedures and/or instructional techniques and methods.
  12. Skill in applying effective public relations principles.
  13. Skill in communication effectively, both orally and written.
  14. Must maintain firearms qualification.
  15. Skill in the four basic arithmetical functions.
  16. Skill in writing concise, accurate reports.
  17. Skill in the operation of a two-way radio.
  18. Ability to make decisions using good judgment.
  19. Ability to document and maintain accurate records.
  20. Ability to retain and recall diverse information.
  21. Ability to relate to others using tact and diplomacy.
  22. Ability to assess facts, analyze and think logically.
  23. Ability to teach/instruct others in methods and techniques of police officers.
  24. Ability to maintain confidentiality of departmental matters.
  25. Ability to operate a computer terminal and various software programs in order to retrieve information.
  26. Must possess and maintain C.L.E.E.T. certification.
  27. Must possess a valid Oklahoma driver license and be insurable.
  28. Must meet medical requirements set forth by the Oklahoma Police Pension & Retirement System.