Police Officer

Cullman, AL
Cullman Police Department

Scope of Work: The patrolman is charged with the prevention of crime throughout the jurisdiction by providing a city-wide patrol presence operating throughout the shift. He/She is charged with the preliminary investigation of crimes and other incidents reported to the police and the preparation of records which provide a permanent record of the incident and action taken. Work involves situations where physical violence is possible.

Detailed Work Activities

MAJOR JOB TASKS: (All duties listed may not be found in each position, nor does the list necessarily include all tasks which may be assigned to positions in this class.)

  1. Patrols a designated area of the city on foot, on a motorcycle, or in an automobile to preserve law and order, to prevent and discover the commission of crime, to direct traffic at school crossings and street intersections and to enforce traffic and parking regulations.
  2. Answers calls for complaints involving fire, automobile accidents, and robberies and other misdemeanors and felonies.
  3. At the scene of a crime, administers first-aid, conducts preliminary investigations, gathers evidence, obtains witnesses and makes arrests; testifies as witness in court.
  4. At the scene of automobile accidents, administers first-aid, interviews witnesses and gathers information and prepares detailed accident investigation reports.
  5. Interviews persons with complaints and inquiries and attempts to make proper disposition or directs them to proper authorities.
  6. Gives advice on laws and ordinances and general information to the public.


Education: Any combination of training and experience equivalent to graduation from a standard high school.

Experience: Must have a successful employment history, with no history of arrests or convictions.

Individual must pass a background check at the time of employment in this position