Police Officer

Belleair, FL
Belleair Police Department

Salary: $59,592 annually.

Position Summary:

The Town of Belleair is excited to announce that it is recruiting for a full time Police Officer to join our Team. The chosen candidate must be able to be responsible and professional in their daily general police work involved in working an assigned shift providing effective and efficient crime prevention and law enforcement services to the citizens and property owners in Belleair, as well as to the general public within the boundaries of the town.

Work consists of, but is not limited to, patrolling by vehicle, other conveyance, and/or foot, enforcing traffic laws, investigating and issuing citations regarding town and county ordinance violations, crimes, observing for suspicious persons/circumstances, making arrests, gathering and preserving evidence, preparing case files, testifying in court, performing proactive community policing activities, directing and controlling traffic. Greets and interacts with the public with professional tact and courtesy. Work requires the use of some independent judgment within established law enforcement standards and practices and established town and police department policies and procedures. The person in this position is professionally accountable for the fulfillment of all duties and authority commensurate with the assigned responsibilities and must be available to work all shifts, weekends and holidays.

Essential Functions:

  • Carries out duties in conformance with federal and state law and county and town ordinances. Enforces traffic laws, investigates traffic crashes (accidents), issues traffic citations as warranted; investigates and arrests persons involved in crimes or misconduct when warranted; summons emergency medical and rescue personnel and other law enforcement as needed; takes measurements and draws diagrams of various scenes.
  • Attends appointments with interdepartmental meetings, court dates, pre-trial conferences, State Attorney’s Office (SAO) investigations, depositions, and training sessions.
  • Responds to emergencies by assessing the situation, employing tact, diplomacy and individual judgment to remedy and/or maintain control.
    Deters, restrains and/or arrests individuals attempting to inflict physical harm on themselves or others or have committed or about to commit criminal acts.
  • Participates in investigating criminal law violations occurring within the town limits; collects and preserves all evidence necessary and available to prepare a case; has suspects, witnesses and/or victims provide written statements; prepares cases for filing of charges, and testifying in court regarding the facts of cases. Completes necessary forms/reports related to incidents and/or arrests, to include gathering pertinent information from participants and/or witnesses and organizing it in a logical written form.
  • Performs proactive community policing philosophy activities consisting of, but not limited to, learning the names of citizens in the different neighborhoods, greeting citizens in a positive courteous manner when on foot, bicycle or patrolling in vehicles; assisting citizens with vehicle problems; informing citizens regarding town ordinances and other similar issues for purposes of problem solving; interacting with neighborhood children for purposes of developing a positive image with the youth of the community; provide crime prevention material to citizens, participate in physically checking house watch program and zone checks.
  • Coordinates activities with other department officers and exchanges information with officers in other law enforcement agencies; obtains advice from department supervisors, court administrator, and state attorney’s office regarding cases, policies and procedures, as needed and assigned.


  • Education and Experience: (A) High school diploma or equivalent. (B) Certified by the Pinellas Police Standards Council–Police Applicant Screening Service (PASS). (C) Minimum of five (5) years Patrol Operations experience.
  • Must possess a valid State of Florida driver’s license without record of suspension or revocation in any state.
  • Ability to meet department’s physical standards.
  • Satisfactorily complete Pinellas County PASS application process.
  • Completion of the State of Florida basic law enforcement training academy and Florida State Certified, as authorized by F.S. 943.13 and 943.14 or satisfactorily meet all necessary requirements to and/or have attained a Florida State Certification as a Law Enforcement Officer.