Police Officer

Spartanburg, SC
Spartanburg Police Department

Under general supervision, performs activities required in the enforcement of state and local laws relating to public safety.

Entry Level $36,296.00 – $53,456.00


  • Enforces traffic laws; directs traffic; takes charge at traffic accidents, assists motorists, assists the injured in accidents, etc.
  • Responds to emergency calls regarding domestic violence and makes arrests as necessary.
  • Investigates buildings as assigned in order to determine if an when a break-in has occurred; submits appropriate reports regarding break-ins, robberies, etc.
  • Prepares and submits reports regarding complaints pertaining to larceny, stolen property, shoplifting, assault and battery, robbery, etc.
  • Investigates reports of suspicious vehicles and people as assigned.
  • Serves arrest and bench warrants to the public as necessary.
  • Testifies in court regarding traffic and criminal cases.


Requires a high school diploma or equivalent and valid SC drivers license. Must be 21 years of age. Obtain required certification from the SC Criminal Justice Academy.

Police applicants must successfully complete a series of tests and be certified by the Civil Service Commission to be considered for employment. This testing consists of a written exam, a physical agility test and an oral interview before a three-person panel.