Police Officer

Riverside, CA
University of California, Riverside

Salary: $92,269 – $116,030.

Position Summary:

The primary mission of the University of California Police is the protection of life and property on University property. The primary goal of the department is to accomplish its mission in a manner that enhances and supports the University’s ability to deliver quality higher education and research opportunities in a peaceful environment. To provide guidance for officers tasked with accomplishing the stated mission within department policies and procedures, and as defined within their assigned responsibilities and duties. Individual responsibilities of officers are described in the University wide Police Policies and Procedures manual and local UC Riverside Police Policy Manual.

Essential Functions:

  • PATROL Officers conduct vehicle, foot and/or bike patrols within a beat encompassing their primary jurisdiction, with emphasis on campus buildings, facilities, grounds, roadways and housing areas. 1. Patrol campus grounds, buildings, and facilities for crimes in progress, evidence of past crimes, hazardous conditions and security deficiencies, investigation and reporting same. 2. Monitor vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and enforce applicable safety laws, rules, regulations by warning and /or citation. 3. Investigate suspicious circumstances, persons, and/or vehicles observed. 4. Deter and detect criminal activity.
  • CALLED – FOR SERVICES Officers are expected to provide timely and appropriate responses to calls-for-services, which include but are not limited to: Responding to in progress or past crimes, alarms (fire, burglary, robbery, unknown trouble, etc.), providing public services (e.g., crime reports, keeping the peace, traffic accidents, suspicious circumstances etc.), responding to medical aid requests and other reasonable requests for police assistance or assignments as determined by the department.
  • INVESTIGATIONS Officers observe or respond to incidents which may lead to criminal or civil investigations. As a result of these investigations, officers: 1. Make arrests when necessary and appropriate. 2. Write reports. 3. Perform crime scene investigations to collect and preserve physical evidence. 4. Testify in court proceedings. 5. Perform other related and appropriate tasks.
  • OTHER ASSIGNED DUTIES Officers may be assigned to other related duties/tasks, such as: community relations presentations, administrative research projects, short-term special assignments, mutual aid assignments for other law enforcement agencies (UCPD and others etc.) Patrol officers are also eligible for appointment to special assignments (when and where they are utilized), including: Investigator, Field Training Officer, Crime Prevention Officer, UNET Team, and/or other positions/assignments designated by the Chief of Police. Officers assigned to these “Specialty Assignments” are eligible to receive additional compensation, and their job descriptions will vary with that of a patrol officer.


  • U.S. High school diploma; GED certificate; high school equivalency certificate; or a two (2) year, four (4) year, or advanced degree from an accredited or approved college/university.
  • Completion of the POST Regular Basic Course in either the intensive or extended format within one year of date of appointment.
  • Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced POST Certificate from the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training.
  • Must be willing to periodically travel and work special event assignments to provide safety on other UC campuses (i.e. football games, festival/concerts, UC Regent meetings, etc).
  • U.S. citizenship.
  • 21 years of age or older at the time of appointment.
  • Vision no less than 20/100, correctable to at least 20/30 in both eyes; normal color vision (an exception for contact lenses is available).
  • No felony convictions (pursuant to Government Code 1029).
  • Possession of a valid, class “C” California driver’s license with a prudent driving record, as evidenced by DMV report.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Basic computer proficiency.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Current or recent University of California affiliation as a student or staff member.
  • Knowledge and understanding of current police practices, protocols and procedures.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the workings of the California criminal justice system.
  • Knowledge and understanding of local, state and federal laws applicable to the police function generally, and to the University of California police function specifically.