Police Officer

Clermont, FL
Clermont Police Department

The purpose of this classification is to perform general law enforcement work in order to preserve public peace, to protect lives, property and rights of the public; to enforce statutory law and municipal ordinances; to deter crime; and to respond to calls for law enforcement assistance. Duties may vary according to specific assignment.


• Enforces all city and state codes, ordinances, laws, and regulations in order to protect life and property and to prevent crime and promote security; apprehends and/or arrests persons who violate federal, state or City codes and laws and advises suspects of rights; processes and transports prisoners according to procedure.
• Maintains visibility by patrolling assigned area, city streets, parks, neighborhoods, and businesses in a marked police vehicle; remains alert to suspicious activities or persons and reacts appropriately; inspects troublesome areas and checks security of business establishments; performs surveillance of various locations and of criminal suspects; collects and reviews data; develops trends and/or patterns pertaining to locations/suspects; files intelligence reports.
• Monitors radio and responds to emergency calls/calls for assistance; communicates with radio dispatcher and responds to complaints, reports of criminal events, requests for law enforcement, and domestic or public disputes; assesses situation and takes appropriate actions to bring situation to resolution; follows standard operating procedures when responding to calls; provides backup assistance to fellow officers as requested/necessary; contacts command/supervisory personnel for emergency response and critical incident communications.
• Secures crime scenes until superiors arrive; gathers preliminary information in criminal investigations by obtaining statements from victims, witnesses and suspects; performs searches of people, vehicles and buildings; prepares investigative reports of findings, facts, and related information; detects and collects evidence and substances that provide the basis for probable cause for criminal acts; testifies in court.
• Determines probable cause to search and/or reasonable suspicion to detain suspects; obtains warrants and performs various search operations; locates missing persons; pursues fleeing and subdues resisting suspects and effects arrests.
• Enforces traffic laws and regulations; stops vehicles for traffic violations and issues traffic citations/warnings; directs vehicle and pedestrian traffic around accidents, disabled traffic control devices, or heavily congested areas; establishes road blocks; administers field sobriety tests; identifies wanted persons/vehicles; impounds vehicles; assists disabled motorists; directs traffic for funerals and other public gatherings; ensures roadways are clear of obstacles and hazards.
• Responds to accident calls; gathers information at the accident scene; investigates accidents involving serious injury; fatality, or hit-and-run; interviews victims and witnesses; notifies relatives of victims as necessary.


Minimum Qualifications

Education and Experience:
An equivalent combination of higher education and experience may be considered, provided that the education and experience is in a relevant and related field.
• High school graduation or GED
• Completions of the Minimum Standards courses as set forth by the Florida Police Standards Council.
• Must meet minimum qualifications set forth in Florida Statue 943.13

Licenses, Certifications, and/or Registrations:
• Florida Law Enforcement Certification
• Valid Florida Drivers License.