Police Officer

Deer Park, TX
Deer Park Police Department

Salary: $31.88 – $49.19 Hourly.

Position Summary:

Performs police patrol, investigation, traffic regulation, community services and related law enforcement activities.

Works under the general supervision of the Community Services Lieutenant and the direct supervision of a Community Services Sergeant.

Essential Functions:

  • Provide the highest quality of police service in order to improve the quality of life for the Citizens of Deer Park, with the highest regard for these values. Accountable to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. Develop relationships with the community and together identifying and resolving issues affecting public safety. Committed to hard work and purposeful activity. Dedicated to Professional Law Enforcement.
  • The patrol officer is charged with keeping the peace and enforcing the law, while conducting themselves in a professional manner and the highest principles of police service. Patrol officers are sworn to safeguard the lives and property of all persons and act within their bounds of authority and the realm of legality.
  • Patrol officers are assigned an Interactive Patrol Beat and are responsible for problem solving and pro-active policing of that geographic area. Patrol officers problem solve by developing meaningful information exchanges within the department and with neighborhood residents. Patrol officers are expected to create an action plan to address neighborhood needs and expectations by incorporating data sources, developing short-term and long-term strategies, and evaluating implementing them.
  • Uniform, vehicles and equipment accountability and maintenance.
  • Make periodic checks of their Interactive Patrol Beat’s businesses and residences to report and take action on deficiencies and problems. Investigate all suspicious incidents and activities.
  • Answer calls for service from telecommunications dispatcher by resolving safety and promptly to calls such as accident investigations, criminal investigations, and emergency medical service-first responder calls. These calls may require the collection and preservation of pertinent evidence at any crime or accident scene.
  • Respond to on view incidents that require police action as if assigned the call by dispatch.
  • Promptly document and submit required reports as a part of any investigation or assignment.
  • Utilize non-assigned time for self initiated field activities, traffic prevention patrol, or beat familiarization and problem solving.
  • Execute warrants, issue warnings, summons, and citations and testify in court.
  • Remain alert of conditions affecting safety and use of roadways.
  • Deter and detect potential law violators and take appropriate enforcement action.
  • Take necessary follow-up action regarding investigations, complaints of traffic, and complete the reports.
  • Patrol Officers are assigned to the Community Services Division and are assigned to 8-hour patrol shifts (1st Shift 6:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.; 2nd Shift 2:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. or 3rd Shift 10:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m.) and days off are based on departmental seniority. Officer’s arrival and departure times for their shift assignments are staggered so that continuous, twenty-four hour coverage is provided.
  • Perform duties assigned to them by the Community Services Lieutenant and/or Sergeant.


  • United States Citizenship;
  • At least 21 years of age at time of appointment;
  • Essential Hearing / Vision;
  • No Conviction(s) for any Felony; Driving While Intoxicated; Driving Under the Influence of Drugs; Assault Involving Family Violence or any Crime involving Moral Turpitude; No history of recurrent illegal drug or narcotic use. Any involvement in the distribution of any illegal substance may be grounds for disqualification;
  • Applicant must have been a resident of the continental United States for a period of time sufficient to conduct a comprehensive background investigation; however, consideration may be given for military assignment overseas;
  • Applicant must pass a background investigation;
  • Character and reputation must be of the highest order;
  • Applicant must have proof of liability insurance;
  • A valid driver’s license not in jeopardy of suspension; and, no more than two moving traffic law convictions in the one year preceding application; Overall driving record must reflect a history of prudence and maturity;
  • Veterans must have an Honorable Discharge (General Discharge with Honorable Conditions subject to case by case review), and not have been convicted in any Court Martial higher than a Summary;
  • Applicant must pass all preliminary interviews; a physical fitness test; a written vocabulary and reading comprehension test; a Police Candidate Interview Board; and, a conditional job offer interview with the Chief of Police or his designee;
  • Applicant must take a polygraph examination;
  • Applicant must be able to affect a forcible arrest;
  • Applicant must pass a psychological evaluation by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist;
  • Applicant must pass a medical examination, including a drug-screening test;
  • Applicant must meet and/or exceed the current licensing requirements for Peace Officers as established by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education.