Police Officer

Missouri City, TX
City of Missouri City

SALARY: $55,580.00 Annually

This is an entry-level, full time position in the City’s Police Department. An individual in this position serves the needs of the community by enforcing federal, state and local laws as well as ordinances. He or she supports the protection of life and property, prevents crimes, apprehends criminals, and enforces laws by patrolling an assigned beat on foot, bicycle or in a radio equipped patrol car. He or she ensures the safe and legal operation of the City jail; presents crime prevention programs and performs special assignments at the discretion of a supervisor.

An individual in this position, if assigned to CID would conduct specialized functions of criminal investigations. He or she may be assigned to property, persons or narcotics cases and is responsible for responding to the scenes of crimes, conduct preliminary and/or follow-up investigations, preparing the required investigative reports, apprehending the suspect, preparing the case for a successful prosecution, and testifying in court.

An individual in this position, if assigned to the Crime Scene Unit would be responsible for conducting complex crime scene investigations. Reporting relationship: Police Sergeant.


  • Patrol the city and respond to calls for assistance; conducts pro-active traffic enforcement duties; arrest, transport and book prisoners; investigate traffic accidents; and issue citations as deemed necessary;
  • Command and process crime scenes to investigate criminal cases; reconstruct crime events; interview complainants, suspects, and witnesses; prepare photo lineups; write preliminary and supplemental reports; prepare and execute arrest or search warrants; enforce various laws; conduct surveillance; conduct research; recover stolen property; and communicate information to various sources;
  • Testify in court when necessary; conduct preliminary investigations of all reported offenses; feed prisoners; maintain jail; and prepare offense and accident reports;
  • Prepare documentation, reports and supplemental narratives using a computer; conduct research; prepare packets for District Attorney; fax, email and/or copy required documents; prepare affidavits for arrest, execute search or seizure of persons or vehicles; and compile and sort evidence of property secured at crime scene;
  • Perform other duties; such as, managing funds for investigative tools, office equipment and emergency scene management needs; act as liaison with local media; remain on call on a rotating basis; testify in court; file criminal cases; and establish and maintain cooperative relationships with area law enforcement agencies;
  • Systematically survey crime scenes to collect, tag and secure scene and evidence; reconstruct crime sequence and events; assist and direct detectives; write reports; and prepare sketches, diagrams and photographs;
  • Log, maintain, store and secure all crime scene evidence and conduct periodic inventory of the evidence storage room and capacity;
  • Analyze evidence, including known and latent prints; provide fingerprinting services to citizens, police applicants and others;
  • Provide information and referral information to victims, family members and witnesses;
  • Maintain proficiency in all aspects of police work by attending scheduled in-service training, including qualifying with department issued firearms in compliance with State law and maintaining awareness of changing laws;
  • Maintain familiarity with the City’s geography and maintain assigned vehicle and equipment;
  • Continue to meet the physical ability criterion to pursue and subdue suspects in order to assist citizens and other officers;
  • Perform other related duties as assigned;
  • Subject to 24-hour recall.

High School Diploma or General Education Development (GED) Certificate and possession of a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Certification required.

The Department of Human Resources & Organizational Development may consider an equivalent combination of education, training and/or experience.

Department of Human Resources & Organizational Development
1522 Texas Parkway
Missouri City, TX 77489
(281) 403-8500


An Equal Opportunity Employer