Police Officer

Buffalo, MN
Buffalo Police Department

$73,611.20 – $92,019.20 Annually


The Buffalo Police Department is seeking applications to fill a full-time police officer position. Applicants must be POST licensed or eligible to be licensed.

Examples of Duties

  1. Effectively patrol assigned areas within the City in a vehicle or on foot. Checks security of business establishments and residences. Checks suspicious persons or vehicles. Checks public gathering places, establishments that serve alcoholic beverages, and other licensed establishments. Gathers and disseminates information on persons involved in criminal activity, serving warrants and/or subpoenas as directed.
  2. Manages traffic within the City to ensure the orderly flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Handles traffic congestion problems and directs traffic as needed to relieve congestion. May assist with school safety patrol traffic and related matters. Enforces all traffic laws and parking ordinances. Assists motorists and reports stalled or abandoned vehicles.
  3. Responds to all distress emergency calls and other requests for law enforcement services. Maintains order at accident or crime scenes. Administers first aid where appropriate. Arranges transportation to the hospital as needed. Responds to fire calls. Maintains order by intervening in public and private disputes. Calls for such assistance as circumstances require.
  4. Investigates traffic accidents within the City. Prepares reports on traffic accidents as directed. Gathers evidence from drivers, witnesses, and vehicle inspection. Makes reports and recommendations to City, County, or State officials concerning hazardous or unsafe conditions.
  5. Investigates complaints involving violation of City Ordinances, State, and Federal Laws. Interview witnesses, victims, and suspects as appropriate. Collects and preserves evidence and secure crime scenes. Obtains signed statements when necessary to support any legal action. Prepares reports when appropriate or as assigned. Presents evidence and testimony in court when required.
  6. Apprehends perpetrators and/or suspects involved in criminal activity in accordance with departmental polices and procedures. Performs initial investigation work including identification. Makes legal searches of persons, vehicles, and premises. Inventories and processes evidence and property. Safely transports prisoners.
  7. Prepares reports covering all aspects of law enforcement activities. Properly completes all required reports pertaining to investigation, arrests, and public service calls in accordance with department policy. Maintains all data privacy regulations within the department. Makes City license inspections and reports as requested. Prepares all required Animal Control reports.
  8. Maintains effective community relations within the City and Law Enforcement Community.
  9. Responds promptly to citizen questions and requests for assistance. Prepares and makes presentations concerning safety and crime prevention to students and community organizations. Participates in public relations activities and educations programs as directed.
  10. Assists in the operation of the Animal Control Program as directed. Enforces ordinances and laws. Assists in the apprehension of animals. Transports animals to the pound facility.

Minimum Qualifications

United States Citizen, minimum of 18 years of age.
Licenses and Certificates: Must be a certified Peace Officer in the State of Minnesota, must have a valid Minnesota driver’s license.

Preferred Qualifications
Completion of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a major course study in criminal justice, police science, or a related field is highly desirable.