Police Officer

New York, NY
Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Position Summary:

The MTA Police Department is seeking applications from qualified Members currently in the rank of Police Officer who are interested in being considered for assignment in the Highway and Bridge Safety Unit.

Essential Functions:

  • Oversee the efficient and expeditious flow of traffic for commuters utilizing the various transportation systems of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to include Metro-North Railroad, Long Island Railroad, New York City Transit, and the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority.
  • Conduct traffic enforcement details to include the issuance of uniform traffic tickets, warnings, and arrests on assignments on Metro-North Railroad, Long Island Railroad, and the MTA Bridges and Tunnels.
  • Conduct crash investigations (commercial motor vehicles, RMPs, train vs. vehicle strikes).
  • Utilize specialized equipment to include speed detection equipment (radar/lidar), license plate readers (LPR’s), alcoholic beverage detection/analysis, etc.
  • Commercial vehicle enforcement details relating to commercial transport, weight limits, hazardous materials, and compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Provide escorts for emergency railroad equipment, dignitaries, funeral processions, and other events requiring the safe delivery of assets.
  • Public relations initiatives including the education of the civilians regarding alcohol impairment, safe driving habits and other events.
  • Retain specialized classes of driver licenses permitting the operation of specialized vehicles, including but not limited to: motorcycles, commercial motor vehicles, trailers, etc.
  • Provide training to members of the department with topics specialized to the Highway and Bridge Safety Unit.
  • Ability to access and interpret data/information from law enforcement databases for the purposes of enforcement.
  • Appear and testify in court.
  • Conduct joint operations with partner law enforcement agencies.


  • Members must have completed their probationary period with the MTA Police Department.
  • Possess knowledge and display proficiency with the departments’ Traffic and Criminal Software (TraCS).
  • Knowledge and proficiency with the departments’ Motorola License Plate Reader Software.
  • Knowledge and proficiency with NYS e-Justice Integrated Justice Portal.
  • Possess professional appearance and must conform to the uniform regulations of the Highway and Bridge Safety Unit.
  • Must be willing to conduct enforcement across all the departments’ geographical area of employment.
  • Ability to coordinate and work with members from other agencies on assigned details.
  • Possess the willingness to participate in all training assignments related to the mission of the Highway Unit.
  • Be willing to commit to three (3) years of service with the Highway Unit.