Police Officer

Altamonte Springs, FL
Altamonte Springs Police Department

Salary: $51,000.00 – $58,650.00 Annually.

Position Summary:

Operations position, which encompasses the day to day law enforcement work of the department. The primary duty shall be the prevention and detection of crime offenses at the street level.

Essential Functions:

  • Effect an arrest, forcibly if necessary, using handcuffs and other restraints.
  • Prepare investigative and other reports, including sketches.
  • Operate a law enforcement vehicle during both day and night.
  • Pursue fleeing suspects and perform rescue operations.
  • Adhere to the requirements of the department’s Drug Free Workplace Program including non-use of tobacco products during working hours. (DRUG TEST WILL BE REQUIRED)
  • Complete and maintain physical fitness as prescribed by department standards. (PHYSICAL FITNESS ASSESSMENT WILL BE REQUIRED)
  • Participate in Defensive Tactics as required. Perform additional duties as assigned. Be available for emergency call-outs.
  • Complete required trainings as specified within the City’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan.


  • Completion of or enrollment in a State of Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Basic Law Enforcement Academy. Must successfully complete the academy prior to date of hire.
  • High School Diploma or G.E.D.
  • Must not have visible tattoos on the head, face, neck, scalp, below the wrist, or on the hands.
  • Valid driver license. Must obtain State of Florida driver license within thirty (30) days of employment.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Previous law enforcement experience.