Police Officer

Saint Louis, MO
Veterans Health Administration

Closing date: 12/31/2023

Salary: $54,912 – $71,385 per year

Pay scale & grade: GS 7

The mission of the VA Police Officer is to serve and protect Veterans, patients, employees, volunteers, affiliates, visitors, and others who frequent VA facilities. The incumbent serves as a Police Officer working for the St Louis VA Medical Center performing law enforcement and security duties.


Incumbent is subject to work at either John Cochran or Jefferson Barracks, wherever manning levels dictate.

Major Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Serves as a Police Officer carrying out responsibilities where most work is performed on Veterans Affairs Departmental properties, which includes any properties owned, leased, or licensed to VA. Provides policing services in a variety of jurisdictional environments, where each type of jurisdiction (Exclusive, Concurrent, and Proprietorial) has different enforcement rules and requires Police Officers to understand the complexities and legally apply the correct set of laws, regulations, and processes.
  • Provides services routinely at all segments of VA facilities located over large geographical areas, some of which may be in different states, counties, municipalities, or townships. Performs certain elements of the work away from Departmental properties when consistent with Federal law, regulation, VA policy, and operational guidance.
  • Protects Veterans, volunteers, and others on Departmental property, U.S. officials, other individuals, and him or herself during any given situation against threats to personal safety when force becomes necessary to enforce laws and regulations.
  • Protects Veterans, employees and visitors sensitive and protected medical information from unauthorized release or unauthorized use where prohibited by law and or policy as guided by the privacy officer, FOIA, HIPPA, etc. Carries firearms and other weapons, intervenes when necessary to deescalate situations, and determines when and how much force must be applied. Advises individuals of their (Miranda, Weingarten, Garrity, etc.) rights, and protects the constitutional and civil rights of persons
  • Responds to highly dangerous and active crimes in progress and responsible to make independent decisions and take immediate steps to preserve life and property without supervision. The independent decisions could be lifesaving and often will be made without the assistance of any VA supervision.
  • Uses the National Incident Management System and Incident Command System protocols to establish command and control, develop a course of action and contain, mitigate, and recover from an incident.