Police Officer

Lubbock, TX
Texas Tech University

Position Description

Performs all aspects of police duties on the campus and other university property. Duties include but are not limited to, enforcing state laws and university rules and regulations. Position may also perform some related security functions. Work is performed under general supervision in accordance with established procedures and is evaluated on the effective implementation of University and state regulations and adherence to departmental guidelines.

Major/Essential Functions

  • Patrol specific area on foot, on bike or in a vehicle to observe and detect criminal or suspicious activity, potential hazards, and to respond promptly to calls for assistance.
  • Provide basic traffic enforcement to observe and address violations of traffic law.
  • Investigate traffic accidents and other accidents to determine causes and to determine if a crime has been committed. Render aid to accident victims and other persons requiring first aid for physical injuries.
  • Monitor, note, report, and investigate suspicious persons and situations, safety hazards, and unusual or illegal activity in patrol area.
  • Record facts to prepare reports that document incidents and activities.
  • Review facts of incidents to determine if criminal act or statute violations were involved and take appropriate action.
  • Identify, pursue, and arrest suspects and perpetrators of criminal acts.
  • Operate various investigative instruments for gathering evidence, conduct basic investigations of all crimes against persons or property, develop conclusive cases, properly store and submit evidence.
  • Testify in court to present evidence or act as a witness in traffic and criminal cases.
  • Photograph or draw diagrams of crime or accident scenes and interview principals and eyewitnesses.
  • Control hostile and non-hostile crowds, including but not limited to sporting events, demonstrations, rallies, or scenes of various emergencies.
  • Maintain proficiency in the use of police-related equipment and weapons.

Required Qualifications

Basic Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) license. Applicants must meet commissioning standards for Texas Peace Officers as mandated by the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education.