Police Officer

Milwaukee, WI
UW Milwaukee

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Division of Finance and Administrative Affairs is currently seeking to fill two Police Officer positions for the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Police Department.

UWM, a doctoral/research intensive university, is Wisconsin’s premier public urban university and offers a comprehensive liberal arts and professional education at the undergraduate and graduate level to over 25,000 students. UWM takes pride in being a student-centered institution that is deeply committed to diversity in its student body, faculty and staff, and programs. Our tree-lined, 104-acre campus is located on Milwaukee’s upper east side, one of the city’s most attractive residential areas and home to many faculty, staff, and students


Police Officers serve as law enforcement officers at the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee. These positions function with full arrest powers under the general supervision of a Police Sergeant. Many investigations and duty assignments are conducted independently. Responsibilities are generally complex and demanding and require the skills, abilities and training of an experienced and seasoned officer. Police Officers will be expected to become thoroughly familiar with the police department policies, procedures, rules, regulations and memoranda, as well as the University Staff Code of Conduct.

The principal duties of a University Police Officer are to provide for the personal safety of all persons on campus, ensure a peaceful environment in which the academic pursuits of the University can be realized, prevent and detect criminal activity and to apprehend those involved in such activity. Many additional services are also provided to students, faculty, staff, and community.

These positions provide superb customer service and professionalism and serve as model representatives for the Department and the Division of Finance and Administrative Affairs. The duties of these positions include direct public contact. Police Officers shall conduct themselves as law enforcement professionals maintaining the highest ethical standards at all times. The impressions of students, faculty, and staff of the University and the University Police Department are affected by the attitude and responses displayed by all employees, but especially uniformed police officers.

The University Police Department is a fully operational police department with a Transaction Information for Management of Enforcement (TIME) reporting system, an emergency 9-911 telephone system as well as emergency phones strategically placed on the campus and police emergency vehicles. Annual data and statistics are reported to National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and the Wisconsin Crime Information Bureau (CIB).


Minimum Qualifications Applicants for these positions must:
• Have completed or be currently enrolled and will complete, a Wisconsin Department of Justice “Law Enforcement Recruit” training course and be eligible for certification upon employment by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board (LESB) as a Law Enforcement Officer (Completion date by August 31, 2019);
• Be a certified Law Enforcement Officer in another state and be eligible for certification by Wisconsin LESB;
• Hold or have held military veteran status in a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) as a law enforcement officer (Military Police/Security Forces/Master of Arms), full‐time for a minimum of one (1) year beyond basic training, fully empowered and paid for all hours worked, and left law enforcement officer employment voluntarily with a good record and been out of that employment for less than three (3) years.
• Hold a Bachelor’s Degree (on or before August 31, 2019) from an accredited University, in any field of study, and be eligible to attend a Wisconsin Department of Justice “Law Enforcement Recruit” training course (LESB Recruit Training Academy), which will be sponsored by the hiring agency;
• Possess a valid Wisconsin Driver license or other such valid operator’s permit recognized by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation as authorizing operation of a motor vehicle in Wisconsin;
• Have not been convicted of any federal felony or of any offense which if committed in Wisconsin could be punished as a felony unless the applicant has been granted an absolute and unconditional pardon; and
• Have not been convicted of any misdemeanor crime of domestic violence unless the applicant has been granted an absolute and unconditional pardon.

Preferred Qualifications Highly qualified candidates for these positions will also have:
• Two or more years working as a certified Law Enforcement Officer;
• Experience working with higher education police agencies; and
• Advanced training in sexual assault investigations (other than the training given in basic recruit school); and
• Advanced training in Law Enforcement mental health/developmental disability intervention or other types of CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) Training (other than what is given in basic recruit school).