Police Officer

Medford, MA
Tufts University

There are multiple openings for this position.

The Department exists to support the goals of the university-teaching, research, and patient care-by fostering a safe and secure environment in which members of the Tufts community can learn, work, and live.

Whereas safety and security is a responsibility shared by the entire community, the mission is best achieved by applying leadership and our unique expertise to partnerships designed to prevent loss, reduce harm, and solve problems.

To fulfill this mission, the department fosters a culture of prevention through an organizational commitment to the philosophy of community oriented policing and problems solving, (COPPS). The core of the COPPS philosophy is, building long term meaningful partnerships with community stakeholders and working collaboratively with them to identify and address problems and their root causes


Tufts University Police Officers perform a wide range of community policing and public safety duties which include, but are not limited to:

• Routinely interacting and engaging in face to face community contact with community members during their scheduled patrol activities.
• Building partnerships and working collaboratively with stakeholders to engage in problem solving initiatives.
• Using data to inform preventative patrol tactics and problem solving strategies.
• Participating in crime prevention and community policing programs and activities.
• Providing preventive, proactive patrols of university grounds, buildings, and areas owned, leased, used or occupied by Tufts University, by vehicle, on foot, or on bicycle, in order to prevent crime, address disorder and attend to the public safety needs of the university community.
• Responding to emergency and non-emergency calls for service, providing initial incident and follow-up investigations.
• In accordance with law, best practices and well as established policies and procedures, properly responding to and reporting incidents that are in violation of law, including arresting violators, seeking criminal summonses, testifying in a court of law and other duties associated with the criminal justice system or university rules and regulations.
• Preserving crime scenes, collecting and preserving evidence, identifying and interviewing witnesses, suspects, and victims.
• Enforcing the rules of the university by working in partnership with the Dean of Student Affairs Office and providing written and oral documentation of violations.
• Rendering aid and assistance to victims, advising them of available services, and making the appropriate referrals to available resources.
• Performing traffic direction, parking enforcement, and crowd control duties as assigned.
• Providing first responder level medical assistance, summonsing emergency medical resources as needed.
• Attending assigned training, including mandated police certification and re-certification training, MPAC accreditation training requirements, and department mandated training.
• Assisting visitors, students, and staff by providing information, directions, and assistance.
• Performing personal safety escorts on foot and by vehicle.
• Performing other related duties as assigned.


Basic Requirements:

• High school diploma / GED; active motor vehicle operator’s license and good driver history; the ability to obtain and retain a MA Class A (large capacity) License to Carry Firearms (LTC); ability to successfully complete a Municipal Police Training Committee (MPTC) certified basic Police Recruit Academy and obtain and retain Special State Police powers in accordance with MGL Chapter 22C, section 63; Middlesex, Suffolk, and Worcester County Deputy Sheriffs powers; and applicable city and/or town special police authority as deemed necessary by the department. The incumbent will be required to successfully complete training and show proficiency in the proper use of department issued weapons and equipment, police vehicles, etc.
• Ability to clearly communicate using the police radio, telephone, and in person; basic data entry and computer skills; ability to use Excel, Word, and Outlook at the basic level. Ability to use mobile data terminals (MDT’s), and associated department software and records management systems.
• The position requires excellent written and oral communication skills; strong ability to write clear and concise reports; the ability to organize and engage in problem solving activities; a strong commitment to prevention and the community policing philosophy; The ability to protect and serve in a diverse community while exercising sound judgement and to take fair and impartial law enforcement actions that are free from bias. Must be prevention and service oriented, dependable, honest, and ethical.
• Prior to appointment, selected candidates will be required to pass a comprehensive background investigation, including drug testing and a comprehensive psychological evaluation.
• Specific years of service will be required by those sent to the police academy by the university as outlined in the collective bargaining agreement and department policy.

Preferred Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice or related higher education degree from an accredited institution of higher education; certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), certified First Responder.