Police Officer

Lincoln, NE
University of Nebraska

An officer with our department will perform all related duties including, but not limited to, patrolling on foot or by vehicle, University property to prevent and discover the commission of crimes; enforce State laws and city ordinances; enforce traffic regulations; conduct investigations on criminal offenses and traffic accidents to gather evidence, obtain witnesses and make arrests; provide documentation and testimony to Judicial Board and courts; and provide general security for University properties and citizens on campus to ensure a safe environment for all.

Following a review of all applications, the most qualified candidates will be selected to participate in the hiring process. The literacy and physical tests will be utilized to evaluate the qualifications and fitness levels of those selected to move forward and will occur three times a year to coincide with Academy entrance dates. Applicants must achieve a passing score on all examination components, complete background paperwork, and have a successful interview in order to be placed on the eligible for hire list (i.e. eligibility list). The eligibility list is valid for up to six (6) months. While the department may not have any current openings, applications will continue to be received and reviewed in order to maintain the eligibility list. Those on the eligibility list will be considered for future openings.


Minimum Required Qualifications
High School diploma or equivalent. Ability to meet, communicate, and work with general public effectively and to react calmly, quickly, and accurately in emergency situations essential. Must successfully pass literacy, physical, psychological, and polygraph exams, as well as a Basic Training Academy as provided or approved by Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center. Minimum age 21 years.

Preferred Qualifications
Prior law enforcement experience preferred.