Police Officer

Houston, TX
Houston Metro Transit Police

Under the supervision of a METRO police shift sergeant, protects METRO employees, property, and customers from criminal offenses, apprehends persons committing offenses against METRO, deters transit-related crimes through increased visibility and mobility; enforces federal and state statutes, and county and municipal ordinances within the METRO service area. Performs duties in a safe, efficient manner and in compliance with all applicable rules and safety procedures.


• Enforces federal and state statutes, and county and municipal ordinances within the METRO service area.
• Responds promptly and safely to calls for service from the Communications Section.
• Protects METRO employees, property, and patrons from criminal offenses.
• Patrols bus routes and light rail corridor, including boarding areas as assigned; conducts fare inspections/enforcement as assigned.
• Patrols all METRO owned facilities and other properties as assigned.
• Apprehends persons committing offenses associated with calls for service or investigations conducted, working in uniform or in plainclothes, as appropriate.
• Initiates actions to safely facilitate traffic mobility, such as directing traffic or removing road hazards.
• Conducts preliminary investigations of offenses committed within the METRO service area.
• Maintains evidence chain of custody pursuant to the arrest and processing of offenders.
• Ensures that all documentation is completed for the arrest and processing of offenders.
• Develops good working relationships with municipal, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.
• Patrols HOV and/or HOT lanes and diamond lanes; requests services of wreckers as required.
• Renders aid and remains on scene at accidents to maintain safety of motorists and others until appropriate response units arrive.
• Uses computers and appropriate software in office and police vehicle environments to enter daily activity data and prepare reports.
• Promotes safety awareness and follows safety procedures in an effort to reduce or eliminate accidents.


Education Requirement
High school diploma, a GED, or a minimum of two years of active military service with a DD-214 Honorable Discharge.

Years & Experience Required
Must meet the training standards successfully in the first year of hire. Minimum age of 21.

Knowledge & Skills Required
Possess valid TCOLE License and valid Texas Driver’s License. Meet all criteria set forth in TCLEOSE rule 217.1, and Texas Occupational Code Section 1701.255. Be able to maintain and/or obtain additional certifications or licenses as required.