Police Officer

Rochester, MN
Rochester Police Department

The Rochester Police Department is dedicated to being a premiere law enforcement agency not only in the state of Minnesota, but nationwide. Our officers are trained to engage with the community at the highest possible level. Opportunities for advancement and varied assignments are numerous and include specialty assignments such as Community Action Team, Hospital Resource Officer, School Resource Officer, Intel, Investigations, Criminal Interdiction, Emergency Response (SWAT), and others.



$30.06 – $43.47 Hourly




Police Officers perform general duty police work in protecting life and property, maintaining order, preventing crimes, apprehending criminals, and enforcing laws and ordinances. Work is performed in accordance with department rules and regulations and a variety of legislated and other enactments and precedents. Work usually consists of routine patrol, preliminary investigation and traffic regulation duties that may performed in patrol cars or on foot. Work involves an element of personal danger and employees must be able to act without direct supervision and exercise discretion and independent judgment in meeting emergencies. Assignments and general and/or special instructions are received from a superior officer who reviews work methods and results through analysis of records submitted, personal inspection and discussion. Positions at this level receive performance evaluations from designated supervisor.

Educational requirements:

To be eligible to apply for the position of police officer, applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

• Have an "active" license in the State of Minnesota, meaning that applicant has met the State of Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Board approved requirements for obtaining and maintaining a valid license; or

• Have an "inactive" license in the State of Minnesota, meaning that applicant has previously held an "active" license and is eligible to reactivate it in this State; or

• Have successfully completed the State of Minnesota POST Board approved professional Peace Officer education and skills requirements and pass the "Peace Officer Licensing Examination" prior to their date of appointment; or

• Have completed basic police training or certification requirements in another state with which Minnesota has reciprocity, meaning that an out-of-state applicant has been found to be eligible to take the licensing examination in Minnesota; or who has left Minnesota law enforcement prior to licensing; or have relevant military experience, and pass the "Peace Officer Licensing Examination" prior to date of appointment.


Must be a licensed MN Peace Officer or eligible to be licensed by the State of Minnesota pursuant to MN Statute 626.84-626.89 and MN RULES 6700.0100 – 6700.1900. Eligible to be licensed is defined as having completed the academic and skills training required by Minnesota Statutes and passed the "Peace Officer Licensing Examination" at the time of their appointment.