Minot, ND
Minot Police Department

Salary range: $25.54/hour – $37.91/hour.

Position Summary:

This is responsible law enforcement work in the protection of life and property through the enforcement of state and local laws and ordinances. Work is performed under the direct supervision of a Police Sergeant and the general supervision of a Police Lieutenant. Work involves responsibility maintaining public safety in the City by enforcing laws. Work is reviewed through reports, observations, and discussions and evaluations.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrols assigned area in the City to observe, prevent, or terminate unlawful acts; responds to calls for
    service; maintains radio contact with dispatch; reports crimes or unusual situations; initiates action as
    appropriate; backs up other units in area; writes traffic citations; makes arrests.
  • Investigates traffic accidents; secures scene; interviews witnesses; observes scene and determines factors
    which contributed to the accident; administers first aid if necessary; assists ambulance and rescue crews;
    takes accident scene measurements; write accident reports and draw diagrams; cites drivers in violation of
  • Responds to a wide range of citizen needs and requests under emergency or unknown conditions e.g.
    domestic disputes, rescue efforts, removal of hazardous objects, loose animals, locked car doors, inprogress felonies, bank and burglar alarms, loud parties,.
  • Responds to calls involving altercations or domestic disputes that may have the potential for escalating into
    assaultive conduct; uses proper techniques for approaching the scene; makes suggestions for resolution or
    determines whether laws have been violated and effects an arrest as appropriate.
  • Responds to calls of criminal activity; conducts building checks of businesses, storage buildings, and
    warehouses; calls for assistance as needed; provides backup for other officers.
  • Operates a radar unit in monitoring speed or traffic on patrol; stops violators; issues warnings or summons;
    conducts appropriate tests to determine level of intoxication.
  • Responds to fires; assists fire department in the control of traffic around scene; redirects traffic; sets up road
    blocks; directs traffic; promotes traffic safety.
  • Ensures all vehicles and equipment are operating properly; takes patrol vehicles to maintenance shop for
    repairs and required inspections, takes radios to repair shop and ensures proper working order.
  • Prepares and reviews case reports for prosecution; prepares arrest and search warrants; handles evidence
    and ensures proper documentation of chain of evidence; prepares records and reports documenting daily
    shift activities; testifies in court; maintains records on all case activities.
  • Ensures compliance with rules, regulations, policies, and procedures; interprets laws and their application to
    criminal investigations, narcotics, and general police work.
  • Cooperates with other city departments where police activities are required; promotes and maintains
    responsive positive community relations.


  • Completion of Associate of Arts degree in Criminal Justice or more than 60 semester hour credits directly
    applicable to a Bachelor’s degree specific to Criminal Justice, Police Administration, Management,
    Accounting and Budgeting, Psychology, or Sociology.
  • Course work must be fully accredited by a recognized institution of high learning, having a full-time paid teaching staff and offering all courses, including extension courses from a campus based program.
  • Possession of a valid North Dakota driver’s license.
  • Must have, or able to possess a North Dakota Peace Officer’s License within one year.