Police Officer

Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh Public Safety Department


  • $22.28 per hour while in Training Academy.
  • $32.18 Police Officer First Year.

Closing Date: 5/31/2024.

Position Summary:

Provides service, which protects life and property, preserves peace, prevents criminal activities and enforces City ordinances and federal, state and local laws in the City of Pittsburgh. Police work involves an element of personal danger and officers must be able to function with minimal supervision, exercise independent judgment and take appropriate action when faced with complex situations.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrol: Activities involving observing zone conditions or responding to incidents as required.
  • Traffic Enforcement and Control: Activities performed at the scene of traffic accidents and activities involved in traffic enforcement, such as issuing parking and moving traffic violations.
  • Preliminary Searches: Activities involving searches to locate suspects, evidence, or missing/injured persons.
  • Preliminary Investigations: Activities involving initial investigations of incidents and decisions.
  • Suspect Control: Activities involving pursuit, isolation, containment, search, and apprehension of suspects.
  • Arrests: Activities involving arrest processing procedures, detention, and lodging of prisoners or juveniles.
  • Evidence/Property Safeguard: Activities involving identifying, safeguarding, storing, and otherwise accounting for evidence, and non-Police Department property at a zone station.
  • Life/Property Safeguard at Incident Scene: Activities involving safeguarding and securing people and property at the scene of specific incidents.
  • Notifications/Communications/Administration: Activities involving official requests for assistance inside and outside the Department. Distribution of information regarding incidents and conditions in the zone. Activities involving communications with superior officers and other officers to coordinate the activities of the zone.
  • Reports, Forms and Memo Books: Activities involving the preparation of written (paper or electronic) forms, reports, or memo books. Forms and reports may be a variety of types, such as: captioned (fill-in-the-blank), written narrative, or a combination of these.
  • Court Appearances: Activities involving appearance in court, testimony, and prosecution in a variety of cases (e.g., criminal, civil, and administrative).
  • Community Relations: Engages in activities that foster positive relations between community members and the Bureau of Police.
  • Police Bureau Property Safeguard: Activities involving safeguarding or accounting for the proper condition of all police property and equipment.
  • Bureau Policies, Procedures, Rules and Laws: Activities involving using and explaining the Department policies and rules, and City, State, and Federal laws that govern the activities of police officers.
  • Professional Development: Activities to improve your skills or to improve the Department. This includes participating in specific training or education, participating in professional organizations, or attending conferences.
  • Related Tasks and Duties: Other related tasks and duties as assigned or required.


  • Completed online City of Pittsburgh Application for this position (see web address in above box).
  • At least 20 years of age at the time of filing application.
  • A High School Diploma or GED.
  • A United States citizen.
  • Applicants must comply with the City of Pittsburgh’s COVID 19 vaccination mandate.
  • Applicants must be or become residents of an area within a 25-mile air radius of the downtown City-County Building prior to employment and remain a resident within the 25-mile air radius throughout employment.
  • A current, valid Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Operator’s License (Class C – regular) or a current valid driver’s license from another state or the U.S. Armed Forces. Licenses must be presented at the time of filing application or prior to appointment. PA driver’s license must be obtained prior to appointment and maintained throughout employment.
  • Veterans’ Preference documentation, if applicable, must be submitted at time of filing application or no later than your Written Examination date. Any inaccurate/incomplete documentation or untimely documentation submitted will not be considered when awarding Veterans’ Preference Point