Police Officer

Rockwall, TX
Rockwall Police Department

Under direction of Patrol Division Sergeant, performs a wide variety of police and law enforcement activities. Tasks are service and protection oriented, and includes collecting and dispensing information, arbitrating disputes, providing assistance, protecting and recovering property, preventing crime, investigating, and providing other public protection services. Duties include an element of personal danger, i.e., exposure to life-threatening circumstances, apprehending criminals, and transporting prisoners. Incumbents perform duties in accor

Closing Date/Time: Fri. 06/14/19 5:00 PM Central Time
Salary: $28.95 – $35.19 Hourly


• Conducts routine preventive patrol in designated residential and business areas, and initiates contacts with both business operators and residents to establish open communications, gather and dispense information, and establish the presence of law enforcement within the community.
• Responds to calls for police service and takes action upon observing a circumstance or situation requiring police attention, including the issuance of municipal citations, and arrests of misdemeanor and felony violators and fugitives.
• Interviews witnesses, victims, suspects, arrested persons, and informants to obtain pertinent information concerning accidents/crimes.
• Provides information to the public, victims, witnesses, and relatives concerning available services in the community.
• Performs Basic First Aid and CPR at scenes.
• Conducts initial crime scene investigations, i.e., identifies and collects crucial evidence to be secured for processing, labels evidence with data for crime scene reconstruction, packages and stores evidence in a manner to protect chain of custody.
• Operational knowledge of federal laws, state statutes, and local ordinances and the ability to effectively enforce these statues. Investigates motor vehicle accidents, and protects lives and property at all motor vehicle accident scenes. Thorough knowledge of federal laws, state statutes, and local ordinances.
• Testifies in civil, traffic, and criminal court proceedings.
• Performs report and record maintenance duties, and ensure their accurate completion in a timely manner.
• Attends in-service training as directed to maintain current knowledge of changes in laws, new methods of enforcement, and other trends and developments in law enforcement.
• Required to report for work punctually, work all scheduled hours, and any required overtime as deemed necessary. Must maintain a physical condition and standards necessary for the proper performance of duties, with or without accommodation.


Must be at least 21 years old and possess High school diploma or GED and have a minimum of forty-five (45) college credit hours from an accredited college.
Must be able to, or have already, successfully completed the Police Academy Program and Field Training Program (FTO), and attain Basic Peace Officer certification.
Associates degree preferred.

Military/Previous Law Enforcement College Credit: Requirement for college hours are waived if you have 3 years Active Duty Military or 3 years full time Law Enforcement experience.