Police Officer

New Haven, CT
Yale University

Position Summary:

Yale Police Officers are responsible for preserving public peace and order, protecting life and property, preventing, deterring, and investing crime, enforcing the Laws of the State of CT, the ordinances of the City of New Haven, and the regulations of the University. Yale Police Officers respond to citizen requests through the use of community policing strategies to engage and educate the community.

Essential Functions:

  • Provides state of the art, contemporary innovative policing services.
  • Patrols assigned areas, as required, with various modes of transportation, including but not limited to patrol vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, and on foot.
  • Responds to and assesses various routine and emergency scenarios, including but not limited to criminal and civil complaints. Observes and evaluates physical hazards taking appropriate course of action.
  • Responds to and assesses various scenarios that threaten the safety and security of persons and property.
  • Prepares detailed police reports as required and in accordance with department directives and the law, to include but not limited to, incident and motor vehicle accident reports, as well as arrest and search and seizure warrants.
  • Observes, detects, and identifies criminal violators and make arrests, as required.
  • Investigates motor vehicle accidents, as required.
  • May provide security escorts and other crime prevention duties as assigned.
  • May be assigned to student, social, athletic, and, other organized meetings and activities to ensure public safety and order.
  • Acquires and maintains necessary knowledge in various laws, procedures and modern techniques relating to the law enforcement field.
  • Provides factual testimony in various criminal and civil proceedings.
  • Operates and maintains various police equipment, including but not limited to portable radio units.


  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Successfully complete police training as specified by the Connecticut General Statutes 7-294d.
  • Ability to assess and make logical decisions during routine and emergency scenarios.
  • Ability to qualify and maintain certification in firearms proficiency as required by state guidelines.
  • Ability to work with some degree of independence or as part of a team as required. Ability to take direction from superior officers and work within the framework of the departments rules, regulation and mission.
  • The ideal candidate must be skillful, trustworthy and committed to serving the public and working as part of a team.
  • Possesses a valid State of Connecticut Police Officer Certification, or pass necessary requirements to validate such certification up to and including successful completion of a certified police recruit training academy.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Bachelors degree.
  • Previous experience working with culturally and economically diverse populations and communities.
  • Three years or more of recent experience as a full-time, licensed police officer.
  • Work experience in a mission specific police department as a police officer.
  • Ability to fluently communicate in a second language.