Police Officer

Duluth, MN
Duluth Police Department

To ensure preservation of peace and public safety through the enforcement of local, state, and Federal laws, and by providing support and assistance during emergency or crisis situations.

$56,736.00 – $69,756.00 Annually

6/5/2019 11:59 PM Central


1. Patrol designated district to ensure preservation of peace and public safety.
* A. Inspect persons, places, and property exposed to crime.
* B. Identify, report, and/or correct hazards to public safety.
* C. Provide services for public convenience.
* D. Monitor and enforce compliance with laws.
* E. Direct traffic.
F. Administer specialized tests to determine illegal drug or alcohol consumption.
* G. Establish and maintain professional relationships with the general public.
* H. Maintain a positive, visible law enforcement presence in the community.

2. Identify, apprehend, and assist in the prosecution of suspected violators of the law.
* A. Respond to and document reports of crime.
* B. Stop, detain, identify, and search persons suspected of criminal activity.
* C. Plan, conduct, coordinate, and document investigations of possible criminal activity.
* D. Interview, question, and/or interrogate victims/complainants, witnesses, informants, and suspects of possible criminal activity.
* E. Transcribe notes and recordings into formal written reports.
* F. Collect and preserve evidence.
* G. Coordinate case preparation with assigned prosecutors, law enforcement, and other personnel.
* H. Execute search and/or arrest warrants, using only the appropriate level of physical force necessary.
* I. Testify in court.
* J. Refer victims/complainants to appropriate service agencies.
* K. Gather intelligence and other information relating to possible criminal activity.
* L. Conduct surveillance operations.

3. Respond to non-emergency, emergency, and crisis situations.
* A. Establish control during unusual incidents or civil disorders.
* B. Assist in calming neighborhood and family disputes.
* C. Administer first aid to the injured.

4. Perform other related duties as required.
A. Instruct entry-level personnel as Field Training Officer.
B. Participate in Special Operations Units as assigned.
C. Acquire and maintain specialized knowledge or skill areas.
D. Instruct others during training sessions, classes, and group meetings.
E. Analyze, organize, and present intelligence and other information relating to suspected criminal activity.
F. Reconstruct incidents using mathematical, computer, and other techniques.


Applicants must be licensed or eligible to be licensed as defined by the Minnesota P.O.S.T. Board by September 1, 2019, plus have a valid driver's license.