Police Officer

Plymouth, NH
Plymouth State University Police Department

Open Until Filled

Position Summary:

As a member of the Plymouth State University Police Department, officers support the mission and vision of the University by ensuring safety on campus while providing security, protection, law enforcement, and related services to the University community. In addition, officers contribute to university life by participating in educational programs, crime prevention activities, committees, and other campus activities.

Essential Functions:

  • Officers patrol on campus grounds and its perimeter on foot, bicycle, and/or in patrol cars as needed to create a safe environment.
  • Officers participate in emergency response, law enforcement, traffic enforcement, building security, VIP protection, student orientation, committees, and special events.
  • Officers investigate, gather evidence, and prepare reports on accidents, property damage, fires, violations, thefts, disturbances of the peace.
  • Officers make arrests and/or use the Judicial Conduct process when resolving issues.
  • Officers, as needed, coordinate criminal prosecutions with federal, state, and/or local police agencies and with prosecutors’ office(s) for criminal incidents occurring within the university community.
  • Officers design, coordinate, and implement crime prevention programs and campus outreach as required.
  • Officers provide escort services for university stakeholders.
  • Officers provide vehicle unlocks and motorist assists for university stakeholders.
  • Officers perform other related duties, responsibilities and projects as assigned.


  • High school graduate.
  • 21 years of age at the time of appointment.
  • Willing to engage in campus related activities in addition to traditional law enforcement functions.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license, and be capable of operating a law enforcement vehicle during both day and night, in emergencies, in congested traffic and on unsafe road conditions caused by factors such as fog, smoke, rain, ice and snow.
  • Must possess excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Ability to respond quickly to emergencies.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule, including weekends and holidays.
  • Ability to qualify years with firearms, Tasers, and other department issued equipment.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  • Ability to gather information during investigations by interviewing, and obtaining the statements of victims, witnesses, suspects, and confidential informants.
  • Ability to use sound, independent judgment when determining if there is reasonable suspicion to detain, when probable cause exists to search and arrest, and when force may be used and to what degree.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Degree in Criminal Justice or related field from an accredited college/university.
  • Experience as a Police Officer with a Campus Law Enforcement Agency.
  • Two years of progressive experience with a public safety agency or equivalent.
  • Experience as a full-time or part-time certified police officer with a City/Town/County or State law enforcement agency.
  • Knowledge of law enforcement, Safety Services and Communication Services practices, technology and methodology.
  • Demonstrated skill in the use and care of law enforcement and job-related equipment.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Police Department rules and regulations; practices and standards, NH motor vehicle, criminal, arrest, juvenile and case law, court decisions, the Clery act, FERPA, HIPPA, accepted police procedure, campus and host town geography, strong knowledge of community members.
  • Demonstrated ability to react responsively in emergencies.
  • Demonstrated ability to interact positively and effectively with college students.
  • Current EMT certification.
  • Advanced knowledge of first aid techniques.