Police Officer

The Woodlands, TX
Lonestar College System

Utilizes a specialized skill set in performing assigned duties and tasks. Responsible for general security of students and employees. Patrols campus grounds and building; directs traffic on campus; investigates all offenses, accidents, incidents; prepares a written report of such; makes arrests as necessary, and assists the public. Has a valid TCOLE license and carries a firearm at all times on duty.


1. Patrols campus grounds and buildings, checking doors, windows, and gates to ensure that they are properly secured
2. Investigates all offenses and incidents
3. Makes court appearances
4. Writes a thorough and accurate report on every criminal complaint, accident, or other significant incident
5. Provides assistances to all students, faculties, and visitors, Responds to calls for first aid and medical assists
6. Applies acquired expanded skills related to analytical, technical, or operational process
7. Applies experience and skills to complete assigned work within own area of expertise
8. Works within clearly defined standard operating procedures and adheres to quality guidelines
9. Works under a moderate degree of supervision
10. Responsible for other reasonable related duties as assigned


• Applicants must qualify with ONE of the following:
o No police officer experience, but applicant has a high school diploma and 60 earned hours from an accredited college or university;
o OR, Applicant has an Intermediate Peace Officer’s certification from TCOLE;
o OR, Applicant has at least four years of United States military service with an honorable discharge;
o OR, Applicant is an Out of State peace officer transferring to Texas and determined by the Chief of Police to have sufficient prior service to waive college/university credit hours
• Applicant must possess at least a Basic TCOLE peace officers license
• Valid Texas Driver’s License with a driving record that meets the criteria established by the System
• Once hired, must be able to pass Lone Star College Police Department’s field training program
• Must be able to maintain TCOLE Peace Officer’s license throughout employment as a Peace Officer