Police Officer

Liberty, MO
Liberty Police Department

If you are looking for a career opportunity where YOU can make a difference and be a part of your community’s vitality and well-being, then submit an application for the immediate hiring of the long-term essential position of Police Officer. As a commissioned Police Officer, you will ensure safety for the community and be a critical connection working directly with citizens and other first responders during both emergency and non-emergency circumstances.

Starting salary is $45,450 POST certified and applicants may be considered for step-pay plan credit for previous years of applicable experience. For applicants entering the police academy, starting salary is $43,177.50.

Essential Functions

  • Patrol a designated area of the City to preserve law and order, discover and prevent the commission of crimes; enforce traffic and other laws and ordinances; take proactive measures to deter the commission of crime; conduct undercover activities to gather intelligence about the conduct of crime or criminal activities in the City of Liberty.
  • Respond to general public service calls and complaints including domestic disturbances, civil complaints, property control, automobile accidents, robberies, and related misdemeanor and felony incidents.
  • Enforce traffic laws and ordinances; check speed with radar; issue warnings and citations; direct traffic at fires, special events, and other emergency or extraordinary incidents.
  • Conduct traffic accident analyses and general traffic surveys; conduct investigations of serious injury and fatal traffic accidents.
  • Investigate crimes; gather and preserve evidence; interview victims, complainants and witnesses; identify and interrogate suspects; apprehend and arrest offenders; testify and present evidence and testify in court.
  • As assigned, assist in investigation of misdemeanor and felony crimes against juveniles, and other incidents; conduct interviews with suspects, witnesses and complainants for purposes of investigations and preparation of criminal cases; perform field investigatory operations; serve warrants; assist in preparation of criminal cases and testify in court.
  • Prepare reports on arrests made, activities performed, and unusual incidents observed.

Education, License or Certificate:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Possession of, or ability to obtain, an appropriate, valid drivers license.
  • Possession of, or ability to obtain, appropriate certification as a police officer for the State of Missouri.