Police Officer

Woodbury, MN
Woodbury Public Safety Department

$34.00 – $45.57 Hourly

5/31/2023 11:59 PM Central


Woodbury Public Safety is proud of the positive relationship we have with the community we serve! Woodbury Police Officers work with the community to prevent crimes and resolve public safety issues, protect life and property, maintain order, apprehend criminals, investigate criminal offenses and motor vehicle crashes and enforce laws and ordinances. The work involves an element of personal danger. Work is performed under the limited supervision of a Sergeant.

We offer many opportunities, including Detective, K-9 Officer, SWAT, School Resource Officer, Community Support and Impact Units, Field Training, Bike Patrol, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Operator and Training Officers and other Instructor positions.


  • Works a variety of hours and must be able to detect suspicious situations or hazards from a distance, up close and under low light conditions.
  • Acts with or without direct supervision and exercises good discretion and independent judgment.
  • Develops positive relationships with the community. Works with the community to prevent crimes and resolve other public safety issues.
  • Drives department vehicles, usually alone, under routine, emergency, and pursuit circumstances, in all traffic and weather conditions, safely and in compliance with state statutes and department policy.
  • Patrols the city, primarily in a motor vehicle. This includes making frequent stops which results in exiting and re-entering the vehicle. Alternative methods of patrol include but are not limited to foot patrol and bicycle patrol. Conducts security checks of city parks and other public facilities, business buildings and private dwellings.
  • Provides first aid, guidance, general information and assistance to the public.
  • Dispatched by radio and computer to locations to perform police functions. Responds to general calls for service, crimes, fires, accidents, medicals, hazardous materials situations and natural disaster incidents and takes appropriate actions.
  • Takes necessary and appropriate safeguards to prevent exposure to infectious or other hazardous materials.
  • Conducts preliminary/initial investigations on crimes and traffic crashes. Locates and/or searches areas for victims, suspects or witnesses; interviews and records statements of victims, suspects, and witnesses; gathers and labels evidence; executes search warrants; and prepares required reports.
  • Enforces city, state and federal laws and assists any person whose safety or property is threatened. At times, must act immediately to protect the personal safety of another. Apprehends persons suspected of committing crimes. Arrests may vary from writing a citation, custodial arrest, to subduing a suspect using force as authorized by law. Must be prepared to use deadly force when justified.


  • Must be eligible to be licensed as a full time Police Officer in Minnesota within 6 months of application.
  • Must possess a valid and unrestricted Minnesota driver’s license (or a driver’s license from a contiguous state if not a Minnesota resident), or be able to obtain one prior to employment and must have the ability to drive
  • Must have a satisfactory driving record
  • Must have an Associate’s Degree in Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice or related field OR must have completed the Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training requirements for reciprocity or military reciprocity within 6 months of application.


Bachelor’s Degree in Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice or related field from an accredited educational institution. Fluent in a 2nd language. Currently employed as a full time police officer with one or more years of experience and no longer a probationary employee Completion of a 10 week (or longer) field training process