Police Officer

Oneida, WI
Oneida Nation

Salary: $26.72/Hr.

Open Until Filled

Position Summary:

Ensure safety, security and the preservation of life and property by maintaining law and order, enforcing laws, and ordinances. Solve community problems by fostering open continuous communication and cooperation between the community and law enforcement. Continuation of this position is contingent upon funding allocations.

Essential Functions:

1. Protect the property and lives of community members by patrolling assigned areas and addressing any suspicious persons and/or establishments. Interview persons with complaints or inquiries and direct them to proper authorities if needed.
2. Respond to all incidents including fire, theft, automobile accidents, robberies, disturbances, and any other misdemeanors or felonies and secure the crime scene.
3. Conduct preliminary investigations, gather evidence, obtain witnesses, and make arrests as required by applicable laws.
4. Testify in court to present evidence or testify against persons accused of criminal activity.
5. Work nights, weekends and holidays as a condition of employment.
6. Conduct investigations in vice activities, narcotics, traffic, burglary or reported incidents as assigned.
7. Conduct routine checks of local businesses, residences, government agencies, and properties.
8. Maintain awareness of and investigates specific areas subject to juvenile delinquency.
9. Maintain positive relations with community members and agencies by educating and informing on crime prevention and related issues.
10. Serve court papers, warrants, or subpoenas as required.
11. Transport violators to jail.
12. Maintain appropriate documentation on incidences as required by policies and procedures. Generate reports as needed.
13. Attend training classes and seminars on police methods, techniques, safety, first aide, marksmanship, and related law enforcement activity.
14. Communicate with local, state, regional and outside agencies and assists as needed.
15. Contribute to a team effort and accomplish related results as required.
16. Adhere to all Tribal Personnel Policies and Procedures, Tribal Standard Operating Procedures, and Area and Program Strategic Plans and Policies.
17. Maintain strict department security, confidentiality, and quality to meet professional standards of the department.
18. The above duties and responsibilities are not an all-inclusive list but rather a general representation of the duties and responsibilities associated with this position. The duties and responsibilities will be subject to change based on organizational needs and/or deemed necessary by the supervisor.


  • Associate degree.
  • Police Recruit Academy Technical Diploma.
  • Certified as a Wisconsin law enforcement officer.
  • Must be twenty-one (21) years of age or older.
  • Sixty (60) college level credits.
  • Must reside within a twenty (20) mile radius of the Oneida Reservation within three (3) months of employment.