Police Officer

St. Cloud, FL
City of St. Cloud Police Department
Salary: $17.77-$27.18

The education and work experience sections of the application must be completed with current verifiable employer contact information and complete dates of employment since the age of 16. Begin your work history with your current place of employment and work backwards. Include any periods of unemployment and the reason applicable.

Due to the high volume of applications received, If you are selected for initial testing, you will be notified by the background investigator.



Prior to conditional offer of employment:

  1. Examination announcement.
  2. Application.
  3. Written Examination.
  4. Place on eligibility list.
  5. Job Interview (information only – for background only).
  6. Polygraph tests.
  7. Background and employment history investigation.
  8. Physical ability assessment course.

After conditional offer of employment:

  1. Physical and drug screen.
  2. Psychological exams.

After employment:

  1. Field training program.
  2. Twelve (12) month probation.
  3. Regular Status.


Please attach a copy of the following documents to your application:

  • Social Security Card
  • Birth Certificate/Naturalization documents
  • Law Enforcement Certifications
  • Name Changes (Adoption, Marriage, Divorce)
  • High School Diploma/GED
  • College Degree/Transcripts
  • Test Scores – FDLE
  • If applicable, Military DD214 form, (long-form with type of discharge)


  • Patrols an assigned area on foot, bicycle or in a vehicle, either alone or with another officer.
  • Checks doors and windows of business establishments; in case of after-hours open windows or doors, notifies dispatch to notify owner or occupant to secure the building; may check the building for possible illegal activity.
  • Investigates unusual gatherings of people for possible illegal activity.
  • Enforces vehicle parking and traffic operations laws; issues citations for illegal activity.
  • Watches for and makes investigations of wanted and missing persons and property.
  • Investigates crimes, missing persons and accidents; investigates person suspected of illegal activity; interviews persons involved in such activity; makes reports of findings.
  • Searches for and preserves evidence at crime scene.
  • Delivers and serves warrants.
  • Assists pedestrians at hazardous street crossings; enforces pedestrians' compliance with safety laws.
  • Directs traffic at special events or in crowded traffic conditions, including during the malfunction of traffic control devices.
  • Arrests person suspected of illegal activity; subdues persons as required; escorts prisoners to the police station; books them upon arrival.
  • Testifies and presents evidence in court.
  • Handles domestic violence and dispute situations; attempts to prevent injury or death; mediates conflicts and attempts to refer individuals for conflict resolution.
  • Provides first aid to persons as necessary.
  • Responds to citizen requests; performs community relations and education programs including crime prevention activity.
  • Performs reoccurring and minor vehicle maintenance; cleans vehicle on a periodic basis or as needed.
  • Works overtime as required based on need.
  • Assumes additional responsibilities as required including training, recruiting, hostage negotiation, school liaison, escorts mental patients to the hospital, assists other departments and agencies as needed such as animal control, EMS, and fire.
  • Transports prisoners to the County Jail.
  • Trains other officers in learned specializations and/or techniques, including instructions in the safe use of firearms.
  • Assumes supervisory responsibility over other officers when a supervisor must be absent, or in specialized situations.
  • Completes all required reports; reports events or conditions that might require policy review.
  • Maintains all equipment issued for use.
  • Acts as Field Training Officer for recruits when assigned.
  • Performs crowd control to include parade and riot work.
  • Takes custody of lost and found property.
  • Operates laptop computer and uses applicable software
  • Provides information and direction to the public.
  • Conducts investigations for missing persons or property.
  • Acts as mediator in civil situations.
  • Provides security for City officials and for transport of funds to financial institutions.
  • Maintains positive relationships with the community members to gather information on potential crime.
  • Performs traffic enforcement.
  • Performs other duties as required.
  • See appendix for lateral rotational duties.