Police Officer

Fort Collins, CO
Fort Collins Police Department

Affect an arrest, forcibly if necessary, using handcuffs and other restraints; subdue resisting suspects using maneuvers and approved weapons in self-defense; process and transport people taken into custody or detained.

ANNUAL SALARY RANGE: $66,480.00 – 90,480.00 (Salaries are paid biweekly)


• Prepare investigative and other reports, including sketches, using appropriate grammar, symbols, and mathematical computations.
• Exercise independent judgment in determining when and to what extent force may be used, and when there is reasonable suspicion to detain or probable cause to search and arrest.
• Safely operate a law enforcement vehicle both day and night, in emergency situations involving speeds in excess of posted limits, in congested traffic and on unsafe road conditions.
• Communicate effectively with dispatchers and other police personnel utilizing laptop computer and radio.
• Gather appropriate information from victims, suspects, witnesses, and confidential informants.
• Properly handle and use weapons and/or firearms from a variety of body positions, under conditions of stress that justify the use of deadly force, and perform at levels of proficiency prescribed in certification standards.
• Perform searches, which may involve walking for long periods, and stopping and detaining suspicious vehicles and persons.
• Engage in patrol functions that include rotating shifts, foot patrol, and physical security checks of buildings.
• Effectively communicate with people in order to inform and direct, mediate disputes, and advise individuals of legal rights.
• Effectively communicate with people in court and other formal settings, including public speaking engagements.
• Detect and collect evidence and substances related to criminal offenses, often in dangerous conditions.
• Perform rescue functions at accidents, emergencies, and disasters that may involve physically moving people away from dangerous situations, or evacuating people from particular areas.
• Read and comprehend legal and non-legal documents, including the preparation and processing of such documents as citations, affidavits, and warrants.
• Interact cooperatively with co-workers and members of the community.
• Report to work on time and maintain an acceptable attendance record.


EDUCATION: Must have a high school diploma or GED and a minimum of 60 semester hours or 90 quarter hours from a college or university that is listed in the U.S. Department of Education Database of Accredited Post-Secondary Institutions and Programs with a minimum 2.0 GPA on a 4 point scale prior to hire date. Transcripts will be required at a later date for verification.

CERTIFICATIONS, LICENSES, REGISTRATIONS: Must have a valid driver's license at time of application, be 21 years of age and a U.S. citizen or legally eligible to work in the United States by application closing date; no felony convictions; no misdemeanor convictions which would affect the ability to obtain Colorado POST certification