Police Officer

Flint, MI
University of Michigan - Flint

Salary: $54,745.60 – $83,449.60

As a Police Officer at the UM-Flint campus, you will provide for public safety by maintaining order, responding to emergencies, protecting people and property, promoting good community relations and patrolling assigned area to prevent crime; enforce laws, ordinances and traffic regulations, control crowds, and arrest violators. You may also perform specialized police activities such as criminal investigations including interviewing witnesses, crime victims and suspects.


You Will:

•  Uphold the highest standards of conduct and customer service while serving and protecting our community and taking measures to prevent crime

•  Enforce University ordinances and regulations and State and Federal laws

•  Patrol campus areas for crime prevention, parking and traffic control and issue citations

•  Policing response on, and adjacent to, campus

•  Obtain and serve warrants, subpoenas and other court documents

•  Identify, apprehend and arrest suspects

•  Testify in criminal, civil and administrative hearings

•  Community oriented policing problem solving

Required Qualifications*

  • Associate degree
  • Completion of a State of Michigan accredited police academy training
  • program or waiver of training
  • MCOLES licensed and certified or currently in the police academy upon
  • applying
  • Ability to pass an extensive background investigation
  • Strong communication skills
  • Proven customer service and teamwork ability