Police Officer

Lebanon, OR
Lebanon Police Department

As a certified police officer, perform law enforcement and crime prevention work including discovery, investigation, report preparation and patrol to enforce federal, state and local laws. Provide public information and education activities which may require additional specialized training.

PAY RATE $4,425 to $5,576

CLOSE DATE 2/28/2020


1. Maintains regular job attendance and adherence to working hours.
2. Operates a motor vehicle safely and legally.
3. Patrol streets, businesses and residential areas to enforce traffic and criminal laws. Issue warnings or citations for violations.
4. Respond to calls, including major crimes, civil complaints, thefts, assaults, family disputes, etc., and take appropriate action, make arrests, conduct searches, transport and release prisoners.
5. Direct traffic at accident/crime scenes as necessary.
6. Maintain written records and prepare reports necessary for investigations, crime prevention, prosecution and office activities.
7. Must be able to render credible testimony in court.
8. Conduct case/incident investigations, gather evidence, interview and take statements from victims, witnesses and suspects.
9. Perform and properly document a variety of tasks related to the safe and secure housing of inmates in a local correctional facility such as; hourly life checks, feeding, administering medications according to instructions, movement of and escorting inmates, prisoner hygiene, laundry exchange and cleaning.
10. Attend to, and properly document, the processing of juvenile prisoners and detainees.


Education & Experience:
1. Equivalent to high school graduation plus completion after hire of DPSST basic law enforcement training.
2. At least one-year experience as a law enforcement officer is typically required after appointment in order to familiarize incumbent with full scope of job functions.

Licenses & Certificates:
1. Must be at least 21 years of age, pass a criminal record and background investigation, psychological screening, possess and maintain a valid Oregon operator’s license with acceptable driving record, and pass a test at the twelfth-grade reading and writing standard.
2. Meet DPSST requirements for attendance at the police academy and possession and maintenance of DPSST Police Basic Certificate required within one year of appointment.
3. Possess and maintain a valid Oregon operator’s driver’s license with an acceptable driving record.

1. Previous college-level training or experience in law enforcement is desirable.
2. Knowledge of the community and surrounding areas is desirable
3. Previous training related to police equipment or operations, e.g. first aid, CPR, hazardous materials, firearms training, LEDS General level certification, etc is desirable.
4. Bi-lingual (Spanish/English) is desirable.