Police Officer 1

Youngstown, OH
Youngstown State University

Salary: $20.31 Hourly.

Position Summary:

The class works under immediate supervision and requires some knowledge of security and law enforcement procedures and techniques in order to assist other police officers in protecting lives and securing building and property or to patrol assigned area to protect lives and secure buildings and property.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrols campus grounds and buildings on foot and/or in vehicle to protect lives and property. Enforces state statutes, rules, and regulations of Youngstown State University.
  • Performs crowd control at social, athletic, and business events. Makes occasional minor emergency runs in patrol vehicle. May pick up and deposit money to specific offices on/off campus. Performs other special details of security nature such as building openings/closings/ checks, and other assigned security-related duties. Directs/controls traffic.
  • Investigates complaints of broad variety ranging from minor infractions to felonious acts. Writes reports and records pertinent information necessary to facilitate substance in any complaints/allegations.
  • Apprehends and processes criminal violators; may file affidavits, serve warrants, appear in court responding to criminal proceedings, and perform those functions required of peace officer in arrest situations.
  • Reports observed unsafe conditions of any nature that render place or thing hazardous to health or physical well-being of University constituents.
  • Performs routine office and administrative duties (e.g., answers phone, operates dispatch radio, writes routine police reports, operates LEADS terminal, and monitors alarms).


  • Basic Ohio Peace Officer Training Certification;
  • LEADS Certification, if needed;
  • Must maintain physical requirements as established by division;
  • Must qualify annually with firearms and related equipment;
  • Valid driver’s license;
  • Basic Ohio Peace Officer Training Certification or will receive within 120 days of posting.