Police Lieutenant

Cocoa, FL
Cocoa Police Department

Salary: $88,192.00 Annually.

Position Summary:

Under the direction of the Division Commander, supervises and coordinates line, auxiliary and support functions of the Department during their tour of duty. The Police Lieutenant, exercising control both from Police Headquarters and from the field, ensures that field supervisors perform their duties properly, responds to the scene of major incidents to assume overall command, and maintains maintenance and control of all operations, police facilities, vehicles, equipment, and property under the control of the Department. Employee follows all policies of the Department in assuring that operational effectiveness is maintained. Employee is responsible for administering department policy and managing overall operations, relying on subordinate field and auxiliary supervisory personnel to accomplish the police mission.

Essential Functions:

  • Responsible for the administrative and supervisory personnel for the various Divisions of the department when the respective Division Commanders are not-on-duty.
  • Assures adequate Patrol Division staffing during his/her tour-of-duty, approves short-notice sick time, and ensures the objectives of the Police Department are being met through appropriate distribution of manpower.
  • Coordinates special unit operations into overall Department operations during his/her tour-of-duty.
  • Manages various emergency situations and regulating manpower to adequately handle those emergencies.
  • Determines departmental response priority in the event of multiple emergencies or call backlog.
  • Determines the appropriate departmental response to request for assistance from other agencies, assesses situations which may require assistance from other agencies and initiating contact with said agencies, assesses situations which may require special units to be called in and initiating said call-ins (Example: K9 unit, detective or SWAT), and assesses situations which may require notification of the Division Major, and initiates said notification.
  • Assures that the quality and content of reports and administrative paperwork meets Department standards and oversees the review of all reports by supervisory personnel to assure accuracy.
  • Reviews all arrest paperwork prior to transportation of the arrested to the county facility to determine legality of the arrest, ensures the elements of the crime are included in all pertinent locations in the paperwork, and the paperwork is notarized and adequately completed to file appropriate charges with the State Attorney’s Office, in the absence of a line supervisor.
  • Ensures that professional standards required of Supervisors, officers, and employees are met.
  • Accepts citizen’s complaints and conducts preliminary investigations of complaints against Supervisors, officers, and employees in accordance with departmental policy.
  • Takes control of all police-related shooting scenes and conducts preliminary investigations in accordance with departmental policy.
  • Ensures investigations of improper police procedures are conducted and implements discipline in conformance with departmental policy.
  • Assists with evaluating line supervisors and reviewing evaluations of patrol officers completed by line supervisors and ensures that line inspections are conducted at in accordance with department policies and procedures.
  • Assists in the development of policies, plans and budgets, Assists in the staff inspection process, and assisting the Division Commanders in the scheduling of patrol personnel.
  • Essential Employees may be required to work during a declared or undeclared emergency.
  • Performs other related job duties as assigned.
  • Ability to be on-call at the discretion of the Chief of Police.
  • Ability to work flexible schedule on short notice.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a related area, graduate from an accredited law enforcement academy, and be a Florida certified police officer with a minimum of five (5) years of progressively responsible police experience and attainment of the rank of Sergeant or above.
  • For positions requiring the operation of City vehicles, must possess a valid current Florida driver’s license, or be able to acquire one within 45 days of hire.
  • Must be capable of passing a comprehensive background investigation, including but not limited to a polygraph/CVSA, physical and a drug screen.