Police Dispatcher

Lompoc, CA
Lompoc Police Department

Salary: $4,659.91 – $5,947.43 Monthly.

Position Summary:

The Dispatcher position is an Individual Contributor role that provides customer service to community members and clerical support to the Lompoc Police Department. Their role enables the Lompoc Police Department to achieve its main goal of keeping the community safe by providing high quality services offered by the Lompoc Police Department.

Positions in the class of Police Dispatcher, under general supervision and according to pre-established procedures, perform the function of dispatching on assigned, varied shifts. Incumbents work under strict procedural direction in performing radio-dispatching duties for police, fire and other municipal services; receive and relay by telephone and radio; perform routine clerical work; may be required to assist with booking and maintaining custody of prisoners, which may require searching arrestees and otherwise seeing to the physi­cal well-being of the arrested person, and perform other related work as required.

Essential Functions:

  • Receives incoming telephone and radio requests for emergency service;
  • Takes critical information by the telephone and radio from the public and from field personnel, including names, addresses, telephone numbers, complaints and location of crimes, accidents and service requests;
  • Screens telephone calls for urgency; Enters into computer calls received from the public and from field personnel;
  • Responds to routine telephone requests from the public for information;
  • Ranks all requests for service received by telephone, radio or over the counter; Ranks radio dispatches in priority order; Maintains constant awareness of locations of field personnel;
  • Dispatches calls for service to patrol and fire personnel and other emergency services, if necessary, follow-up units; Secures information and relays to field personnel as requested;
  • Coordinates the activities of police personnel and equipment during both routine and emergency situations; dispatches calls for other public agencies in situations of emergency;
  • When required, requests emergency assistance from other agencies or services, such as ambulances, utilities, coroner’s office and towing companies; conducts record and warrant checks through use of automated services and by telephone to other public agencies;
  • Monitors alarm systems; notifies responsible parties when alarms are set off; issues case numbers;
  • Secures voids or transmits a variety of information utilizing teletype system; inputs information into computer terminal;
  • Throughout current shift, briefs self by reading activity log of previous shift; at end of current shift, briefs oncoming dispatcher of that shift’s activity;
  • Maintains and periodically updates handbooks;
  • Orders office supplies;
  • Assists in training personnel in dispatching procedures, as requested;
  • Operates a radio, recorders, computer terminal console, alarm systems, and California law enforcement communications equipment;
  • May assist in booking and take custody of prisoners, accepting custody of storing, arrestee property, escorting prisoners to cell, seeing to the physical well-being of arrestees; and performs related work as required.


  • Previous responsible experience involving extensive personal or telephone contacts and/or experience which involve the exercise of judgment in the application of standards and procedures.
  • Possession of a valid and appropriate California Driver’s License.
  • Basic recordkeeping, filing and arithmetic; word processing and computer functions.
  • React quickly and calmly and to exercise good judgment in following procedures and directions in emergency situation.
  • Work and control arrestees who may be offensive.
  • Speak English in a clear and concise manner.
  • Read and understand standard broadcasting procedures.
  • Rules of the FCC regarding law enforcement radio transmission and department procedures, rules and regulations regarding dispatching and general public safety.
  • Type accurately at a minimum speed of 35 words per minute.
  • Follow complex verbal and written instructions.
  • Maintain confidentiality with information obtained through employment.
  • Obtain P.O.S.T. dispatch certification.
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with those contacted in the course of work.