Police Detective

Houston, TX
University of Houston-Downtown

Salary: $66,472/year.

Position Summary:

This Police Detective is responsible for investigating reported and suspected criminal activity. The Police Detective ensures the protection of the general public and furthers judicial processes.

Essential Functions:

  • Obtains search warrants: establishes probable cause, requests warrants, communicates with other officers and/or agencies.
  • Investigates and processes crime scenes and related law enforcement problems; photographs crime scenes, searches crime scenes for evidence, checks for latent fingerprints, and collects and preserves any physical evidence present; serves as evidence custodian and transports evidence to crime lab.
  • Maintains security of crime scenes; removes suspects from scene; interviews and interrogates witnesses and suspects to gather information regarding incidents; obtains statements; fingerprints suspects; follows up leads to cases; apprehends suspects and violators of the law.
  • Investigates assigned cases: gathers information, assists with the determination of the point at which cases are ready for prosecution, and appears in local, state, and federal courts to provide testimony regarding cases investigated.
  • Writes up narratives from information gathered from witnesses.
  • Prepares a variety of records and reports, including supplemental investigation, background investigation, internal investigation, and statistical reports; maintains case files; reviews case files for potential leads and solvability factors.
  • Provides case information to prosecutors, attorneys, other law enforcement officers, and outside agencies as requested.
  • Performs internal investigations as required.
  • Maintains contacts with community members who may be able to provide information regarding criminal activities; seeks and develops sources of information.
  • Makes campus safety presentations to local school and civic groups and organizations.
  • Testifies in and appears at judicial proceedings.
  • Participates in department training programs.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
  • May perform patrol duties such as answering calls, investigating traffic accidents, patrolling the university to deter crimes and traffic violations, handling domestic disputes, and other misdemeanor and felony calls.
  • May be assigned to investigate financial, juvenile, vice, homicide, drug, auto theft, property, robbery, assault, gang-related, and other crimes.


  • High School diploma or GED required.
  • Minimum of four (4) years of experience as a patrol officer while not on probation.
  • All Police Officer III requirements.
  • Must obtain, at a minimum, a “Meets Expectations” rating on all Police Officer competencies at the annual performance appraisal for the preceding two (2) years.
  • Must obtain, at a minimum, a “Meets Expectations” rating on all Police Officer competencies at the annual performance appraisal for the preceding four (4) years.
  • TCOLE Intermediate Certificate.
  • Texas drivers license.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Associates Degree preferred.