Police Cadet

Chattanooga, TN
Chattanooga Police Department
Salary: $34,118.00


Incumbents in this classification are responsible for enforcing city codes, ordinances and local, state and federal laws, and regulations by patrolling, performing surveillance, investigating crimes, responding to emergency calls and performing other public safety activities.

Cadets will attend a 22 week training academy followed by 12 weeks of field officer training.  Successful completion of the academy is required to perform Police Officer duties.

Training will take place primarily at 3200 Amnicola Highway. Work days and hours will be determined by Police Training staff.

To be considered for the anticipated Fall 2016 academy, applicants must have passing written AND physical exam scores by September 2016. *Dates subject to change.


  • Participates in police academy training sessions which include attending classes, taking exams, community exercises, and physical training.
  • Performs duties of a Police Officer with a Field Training Officer monitoring activities and performs other duties as assigned.

Upon successful completion of the academy duties include:

  • Enforces all city and state codes, ordinances, laws and regulations in order to protect life and property, to prevent crime and promote security.
  • Maintains visibility by patrolling assigned area, city streets, parks, neighborhoods and businesses to ensure security; makes observations for prowlers, vagrants, suspicious persons and other violators.
  • Performs surveillance of various locations and of criminal suspects; collects and reviews data; develops trends and/or patterns pertaining to locations/suspects; files intelligence reports.
  • Investigates reported crimes; interviews and obtains statements from victims, witnesses, suspects and confidential informants; processes crime scenes; gathers, prepares and submits evidence to crime lab.
  • Obtains warrants; performs various search operations; locates missing persons.
  • Determines probable cause to search and/or reasonable suspicion to detain suspects; pursues fleeing and subdues resisting suspects; effects arrests; processes and transports prisoners.
  • Responds to emergency calls and calls for assistance; mediates disputes and advises suspects of rights.
  • Assists fellow officers as requested/necessary on domestic and theft calls, executing warrants, serving subpoenas and making traffic stops.
  • Responds to accident calls; gathers information at the accident scene; investigates and reconstructs serious injury or fatal accidents; interviews victims and witnesses; investigates hit and run accidents; notifies relatives of victims as necessary.
  • Performs functions at accidents, emergencies, fires and disasters to include directing traffic, administering emergency medical aid and managing dangerous situations; interacts with EMS teams.
  • Establishes road blocks; administers field sobriety tests; identifies wanted persons/vehicles; impounds vehicles; assists stranded motorists; ensures roadways are clear of obstacles and hazards.
  • Stops vehicles for traffic violations; issues traffic citations and warnings.
  • Contacts command/supervisory personnel for emergency response and critical incident communications.
  • Identifies illegal drugs and hazardous materials; maintains knowledge of prescription drugs.
  • Enters/retrieves data to/from computer system including stolen property, arrest and wanted persons information, investigation data and criminal/driving records checks; reviews crime statistics.
  • Identifies, documents, and processes various components of crime scene; collects evidence; photographs/videotapes crime scene; processes scene for fingerprints; inspects records and documents to confirm identity of individual.
  • Documents case information; assists in the prosecution of offenders; appears in court to present evidence and testimony.
  • Responds to questions, complaints and requests for information by telephone or in person from merchants, community/civic organizations, the general public, employees, superiors and other individuals.
  • Exchanges information with dispatchers, attorneys, court personnel, medical examiner, fire and EMS personnel, medical professionals and other departments and agencies; communicates effectively on law enforcement radio.
  • Maintains current field and code manuals, policies and procedures, employee handbooks, various maps and related material for reference and/or review.
  • Attends shift meetings, seminars and specialized/update training sessions as required to maintain knowledge of departmental and city operations, to promote improved job performance and to maintain knowledge of changing policies, procedures, codes and laws.
  • Completes and prepares a variety of forms, logs, requests, records, reports, correspondence and various other documents associated with daily responsibilities of this position; maintains administrative records and files.
  • Cooperates with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and their officers or representatives when activities are related to investigations within city jurisdiction.


  • Must be a U.S. citizen;
  • Have a high school diploma or GED;
  • Have a valid driver's license;
  • Be honorably discharged from the U.S. armed forces (if applicable);
  • At least 21 years of age and under the age of 40 upon completion of academy;
  • Not have been convicted of, plead guilty to or entered a plea of nolo contendere to any felony charge or violation of any federal or state laws or city ordinances relating to force, violence, theft, dishonesty, gambling, liquor or controlled substances and meet any other standards as set forth in Tennessee Code Annotated Section 38-8-106 (http://www.tn.gov/environment/permits/tcalink.shtml). Convictions include citations-in-lieu of arrest.