Police Cadet

San Francisco, CA
City and County of San Francisco

Salary: $21.76 – $26.40 Hourly.

Position Summary:

The San Francisco Police Department Cadet program is designed to provide a service for the City of San Francisco, the Police Department and the Community that it serves. A Police Cadet is considered a future leader in the community. The goals of the Police Cadet program are to expose men and women to the various aspects of police work in order to prepare them for a career in law enforcement. The Police Cadet program helps to provide quality candidates for all law enforcement related positions including, but not limited to: Police Officer, Community Police Services Aide or 911 Dispatcher.

A structured program has been established to promote Police Cadets duties and responsibilities. The Police Cadet expectations are high morals, excelling academically, using good judgment, and being active in the community. Police Cadets provide assistance to the San Francisco Police Department and act as a liaison between the police and youth in our community.

Essential Functions:

  • Operating and monitoring walk through magnetometers and package scanners;
  • Assisting with security and screening at Police Headquarters;
  • Deal with the public in a respectful and courteous manner;
  • Learn, understand and apply applicable police department rules, regulations, instructions, laws, ordinances, policies, practices and methods;
  • Assist with various investigative units as needed;
  • Monitor walk-through metal detectors and video surveillance equipment in building security assignments;
  • Search handbags, briefcases, backpacks and other containers;
  • Provide directions and other information to persons entering public buildings;
  • Provide first aid and CPR in case of life threatening emergencies;
  • Performs traffic and pedestrian control as directed;
  • Participates in crime prevention activities such as neighborhood watch meetings, school and community group presentations, and Police Department building tours;
  • Maintains records and retrieves information;
  • Attends weekend and/or evening training sessions;
  • Perform clerical duties such as ordering, receiving and distributing supplies, processing mail, preparing reports, indexing and filing criminal records and correspondences;
  • May direct and control traffic;
  • Performs other related duties and responsibilities not requiring Peace Officer powers.


  • Possess a high school diploma, GED, or equivalency.
  • Currently enrolled in an accredited college or university and taking a minimum of 12 semester/ 18 quarter units toward earning a degree while maintaining a minimum 2.0 GPA.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license.
  • Candidates may apply at 17 years of age but will not be appointed until 18 years of age.
  • Applicants may be required to submit verification of qualifying education and experience at any point during the recruitment and selection process.