Police Cadet

New York, NY
New York City Police Department

Salary range: $15.45 – $16.79.

Closing Date: 2024-02-05.

Position Summary:

Police Cadets assist Police Department personnel in the implementation of neighborhood policing programs designed to foster good will between the Police Department and members of the community in patrol and administrative command assignments.

May serve as liaison and assist community members in obtaining services provided by other city agencies; provide informational materials concerning crime prevention to community groups; conduct precinct surveys to identify and report dangerous conditions such as defective street lights or traffic signals; and assists precinct Crime Prevention Officers and other Police Department personnel in the performance of routine administrative functions.

Assists in the performance of routine precinct community relations and auxiliary police coordinating functions; performs pedestrian safety assignments; provides general information and traveler assistance at major mass transit terminals and heavily trafficked pedestrian areas; and performs routine administrative tasks.


  • Candidates must meet all medical, physical, psychological, and character requirements that a Police Officer must meet.
  • Candidates must be residents of the City of New York at the time of appointment.
  • Candidates must have completed 45 credits from an accredited college with expected completion of degree requirements within two years following entrance into the program.
  • Police Cadets must be currently enrolled in an accredited four year degree program and must maintain satisfactory class standing to remain in the program.