Police Cadet

Knightdale, NC
Knightdale Police Department

Knightdale NC PD

Salary: $50,717.00 Annually

The Town of Knightdale is seeking individuals pursuing a career in the law enforcement profession to join our ranks in the position of Police Cadet. The Knightdale Police Department’s mission is to ensure the safety and security of all those who live, work and visit the Town of Knightdale through professional policing and community partnerships. Our CALEA-accredited agency is among the top in the country committed to professional policing standards. Our employees benefit from the opportunity to serve, and in turn, receive excellent compensation and competitive benefits. Our agency belongs to one of the fastest growing municipalities in our state’s capital county, ensuring steady growth of the Police Department and its resources. Under the guidance and supervision of a tenured command staff, Knightdale Police Department’s employees support the community by providing outreach, crime prevention education, and by helping individuals through what are sometimes the most challenging days of their lives.

We are seeking dedicated professionals who embody our core values of Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, and Ethical Conduct and who will commit to conducting themselves in a manner consistent with the oaths they will take upon joining our ranks. We encourage you to review our recruitment brochure (Download PDF reader) and the detailed job description below and apply to join the ranks of Knightdale Police Department as a Police Cadet. A member of our Human Resources team will be eager to guide you through the hiring process. Start something noble with the Knightdale Police Department.

Knightdale NC PD

Performs duties, responsibilities, and expectations of a Police Cadet assigned to a North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission (NCCJETSC) Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) academy. An employee in this class performs a full range of police cadet basic responsibilities. This position is classified as non-exempt and is subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act overtime regulations.


  • Demonstrates behavior and performance consistent with the mission, core values, and established operational goals of the Department and Town.
  • Maintains a moral, ethical, and legal standard commensurate with the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics; inspires public confidence through personal integrity, leadership, professional appearance, and actions.
  • Attends, participates, and successfully completes a NCCJETSC-certified BLET academy and passes all required classes, scenarios, physical training, and other assigned duties and tasks.
  • Cadets will:
    • Perform rigorous physical training.
    • Learn the use and care of firearms, chemical agents, and other weapons.
    • Learn to safely drive a motor vehicle under normal and emergency conditions.
    • Understand and carry out oral and written directions.
    • Learn to demonstrate command presence in conflict situations.
    • Learn standard broadcasting procedures of a police radio system.
    • Learn to write clear, comprehensive, and accurate reports, legibly and with correct grammar and spelling.
    • Learn to establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of employment; learn principles and practices of effective interpersonal communication and good customer service.
    • Learn to understand, interpret, and apply criminal and civil laws, court decisions, regulations, policies, and procedures with particular reference to the laws of arrest, use of force, custody, search and seizure, juvenile laws and procedures, property crimes, crimes against persons, crimes against children, sex crimes, domestic violence, missing persons, weapons violations, alcohol, and controlled substances.
    • Demonstrate the ability to learn and implement police methods and procedures including patrol techniques, vehicle stops, response to crimes in progress, apprehension of suspects, defensive tactics, traffic enforcement, control and collision investigation, crowd control, and gang and terrorism awareness.
    • Demonstrate the ability to learn and implement crime scene management, forensics, collection, preservation, and presentation of evidence; identification techniques; interviewing and interrogation techniques.
    • Demonstrate the ability to learn first aid, CPR, hazardous materials awareness, emergency management, and the Incident Command System.
    • Through course content, demonstrates the following: the ability to learn the community policing philosophy, methods of crime prevention, and victimology and crisis intervention tactics; demonstrates the ability to appreciate cultural diversity, identify discrimination, and recognize different disabilities.
    • Learn to use modern law enforcement equipment, communications devices, computers, and information systems.
  • Demonstrates computer literacy with the knowledge and ability to use word processing and specialized law enforcement software programs; communicates using email programs; understands and adheres to town policies for information technology.
  • Delivers outstanding internal and external customer service, using effective oral and written communication.
  • Exercises initiative, courtesy, and independent judgment; establishes and maintains effective working relationships with members of the Department and Town staff, other agencies, and the public.
  • Demonstrates sound decision-making skills and critical thinking in a complex training environment.
  • Works cooperatively with personnel, trainees, co-workers, and the management team; exercises tact, self-restraint, and good judgment; takes initiative to achieve positive, timely results for the organization with diplomatic skills and ethical conduct.
  • Conducts duties, responsibilities, tasks, and assignments commensurate with a police cadet with a constructive, cooperative, positive, and professional attitude and demeanor.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

EQUIPMENT OPERATED: Training vehicles, firearms, lethal and less-lethal weapons, communications equipment, computer, two-way radio, copier, scanner, telephone, and other assigned equipment.

REPORTING RELATIONSHIP: This position reports to the Administrative Division Commander (Training Coordinator).


  • Work involves exposure to the hazards associated with the NC BLET environment, including working in both inside and outside environments, in extreme hot and cold weather, and exposure to various training hazards such as confrontational drills, loud noises, and stressful scenarios.
  • Must be able to physically perform the basic life operational functions.
  • Must be able to perform medium work exerting up to 50 pounds of force occasionally and 10 pounds of force constantly.
  • Must be able to transition between multiple positions such as standing, lying, squatting, etc., with ease and fluidity. Must also be able to retrieve equipment from various positions.
  • Must possess the visual acuity to operate a police vehicle and police bicycle and distinguish details and differences when observing people, places, or things on patrol.

JOB CONTEXT: This position works 40 hours per week during the five-day work week between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. Weekends and overtime are sometimes necessary to fulfill training requirements associated with NC BLET curriculum. The stress level of the job is low to moderate.

EDUCATION: Graduation from a standard high school or G.E.D. equivalent. Prefer completion of a college program in police science, criminal justice, law enforcement or related field.

EXPERIENCE: No prior law enforcement experience required.


  • Ability to obtain a North Carolina Probationary Police Officer Certification upon successful completion of BLET.
  • Ability to maintain effective working relationships with other employees.
  • Ability to meet the NC Department of Justice’s BLET entrance requirements.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Possession of a valid North Carolina driver’s license. Must be legally eligible to possess a firearm in the State of North Carolina. Must meet the written, physical, and psychological background standards set by North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission for probationary police officers. Must complete and successfully pass all aspects of an approved North Carolina BLET academy in one attempt.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Upon successful completion of academy instruction and graduation, the employee receives further training, as a sworn probationary Police Officer in the Field Training Officer Program and is responsible for performing related duties as required.

The Town of Knightdale is an equal opportunity employer.