Patrol Officer

Valparaiso, IN
Valparaiso Police Department

Position Summary:

To enforce the laws of the State of Indiana and ordinances of the City of Valparaiso.

Essential Functions:

  • Work the hours of his/her shift, with those hours being designated by Chief of Police.
  • Enforce all laws and ordinances, using reasonable and prudent judgment when arresting violators of these laws and ordinances.
  • Serve the public and protect both life and property.
  • Represent the department in a positive image, being respectful towards citizens and violators regardless of race, religion, age, or gender.
  • Report to the department for roll call, being punctual and giving attention to all reports, orders, instructions and special assignments.
  • Operate his/her police car in a safe manner, obeying all traffic laws and operating at a speed within which he/she can perform patrol duties. When operating in emergency mode, the patrol office will drive with caution and follow all departmental policy/procedure on emergency runs.
  • Will be assigned to a district and shall patrol that district looking to prevent crime. He/she will patrol their respective district until the end of their tour of duty for that shift.
  • Will take all calls assigned to him/her in their district, perform traffic enforcement, effect arrest, and perform all police related duties during the course of their shift.
  • Will familiarize him/herself with the geographical boundaries of the City of Valparaiso, which will include streets, businesses, public places, etc.
  • Will stay in his district unless he/she is following a violator, assisting another officer or directed to by the supervisor. If the need arises and he/she does have to leave their assigned district, then he/she will notify their supervisor immediately.
  • Will check business establishments investigating any suspicious activity. In the event the building is found unsecured, the officer will notify dispatch and wait for assistance.
  • Patrol officer will investigate suspicious persons and vehicles. He/she will investigate all persons and circumstances that appear suspicious and take appropriate action.
  • Patrol officer will investigate any vehicle that appears suspicious in nature, such as vehicles parked near business establishments, vehicles that have not been seen on his/her patrol in the past, etc.
  • Enforce all traffic laws and ordinances. While on patrol, the officer will be aware of traffic violations, taking appropriate action against the violator. He/she will be reasonable, compassionate and use good judgment when making contact with the traffic violator.
  • Officer will investigate all vehicle accidents. He/she will gather all necessary information to complete a crash report. He/she will speak with the drivers of the vehicles involved and witnesses to the accident, gathering statements and information to assist in the investigation of the accident.
  • Will report any conditions that could be either dangerous or hazardous to the public. He/she will report those conditions and see to it the proper authorities are notified to help rectify the problem.
  • Will complete all proper paperwork, forms, etc. needed for a report. All paperwork will be accurate and legible, containing facts, statements, and all necessary information. Reports will then be turned in to the respective supervisor for approval.
  • Patrol officer will, when necessary, direct traffic. He/she will direct moving traffic around any areas that may be congested due to accidents, obstructions, etc. He/she will then open the street/road back up to the public once it is safe to do so.
  • The patrol officer will enforce all parking laws/ordinances set forth by the State and the City of Valparaiso.
  • Will strictly adhere to any special assignments passed down by the Administration, his/her shift commander or any other ranking officer of the Valparaiso Police Dept.
  • Will report any lights, signs, signals or traffic lights that are not working properly or missing to the proper authority.
  • Patrol officer will initiate positive interaction with the citizens of Valparaiso. He/she will be devoted to the community policing efforts of the department.