Patrol Officer

Fair Oaks Ranch, TX
Fair Oaks Ranch Police Department


$58,684.08 Annually

Job Summary:

Protects the citys residents/property and enforces laws and ordinances. Duties include but are not limited to, patrolling an assigned area, generally by vehicle, to prevent crime and enforce laws and ordinances. Responds to emergency calls and routine complaints and takes appropriate action.

  • Patrols an assigned area, by vehicle or by foot, to prevent crimes and enforce laws and ordinances.
  • Responds to emergency calls and routine complaints and disturbances, including domestic disputes and alarms, and takes necessary action, including performing first aid.
  • Directs traffic, escorts traffic, operates traffic radar monitoring equipment, and issues traffic citations. Investigates traffic accidents and crimes against persons and property.
  • Questions witnesses complainants, and suspects, and takes statements and depositions.
  • Serves warrants and makes arrests. Keeps records of activities and makes reports concerning crimes, complaints, accidents, and investigations.
  • Appears in court as required.
  • Shares information and works with other law enforcement agencies as directed and appropriate.
  • Conduct security checks of business and residential areas on patrol route.
  • Performs upkeep and simple maintenance of department vehicles.
  • Assists emergency medical personnel, firefighters, and code enforcement.
  • Fosters good police-community relations among residents in the community.
  • Assists with special activities such as bank deposits.
  • Assists in criminal investigations.
  • Tags and logs evidence.
  • May be used as a Field Training Officer.
  • May be assigned to act as a supervisor in the absence of a supervisor.


  • Graduation from a high school or GED.
  • Texas Class C driver’s license. Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Peace Officers License required.