Patrol Officer

Dearborn Heights, MI
Dearborn Heights Police Department

Position Summary:

A Uniform Patrol Officer has a responsibility to the community to protect life and property, to preserve the peace, prevent crime and to enforce all federal, state and local laws/ordinances within the Police Department jurisdiction. The employees of the City are required to serve citizens and customers in a tactful, courteous manner; establish and maintain good working relationships with staff, directors, elected officials, and general public.

Essential Functions:

  • Protect life and property, preserve the peace and maintain law and order.
  • Arrest and prosecute offenders.
  • Remove or cause to be removed, or safeguarded, all nuisances or obstructions in public streets or highways.
  • Provide proper police attendance and service at fire scenes and other public gatherings.
  • Advise and assist citizens.
  • Observe and inspect when necessary places or business requiring license to operate.
  • Repress and restrain all unlawful and disorderly conduct and practices.
  • Render first aid and assistance to persons that may be ill or injured.
  • Report unsanitary conditions, fire hazards, defective pavements, dangerous buildings, and all other matters or situations which are detrimental to public safety, health and convenience of the public, or to the city, to the proper authorities or agencies.
  • Transport and humanely care for all prisoners in custody.
  • Receive, transmit, respond, investigate, report and record all criminal complaints or violations of laws and ordinances as required.
  • Complete and forward such reports or records that are required.


  • Must have earned a High School degree or equivalent and an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice or related field.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice is preferred.
  • A Michigan Law Enforcement Officer’s Training Council (M.L.E.O.T.C.) certification of both written and physical tests must be valid and current when applying.
  • Must also have satisfactorily completed a State of Michigan M.L.E.O.T.C. certified law enforcement academy.
  • Must also meet conditions set forth in the Police Officer’s contract.
  • Must be currently certified or certifiable under the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES).