Legislative Police Officer

Las Vegas, NV
Legislative Counsel Bureau State of Nevada

Salary range: $78,884 to $118,661 annually.

Position Summary:

The Legislative Counsel Bureau is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Legislative Police Officer in both our Carson City and Las Vegas locations. The Legislative Counsel Bureau (LCB) is a nonpartisan agency which provides professional, technical and administrative support to the Nevada Legislature. The Legislative Police Officer provides a variety of law enforcement functions for the LCB, which is a 24-hour operation. This includes protecting Legislators and others who work in the legislative buildings, maintaining order inside and outside the legislative buildings, patrolling the buildings, conducting investigations, providing dignitary protection and transportation, conducting building surveillance and security, providing security at legislative meetings, managing access to the buildings and performing other duties as assigned. This position involves working within a highly professional environment with Legislators, LCB and legislative staff and members of the public who visit the legislative buildings.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrol all Legislative Counsel Bureau facilities and grounds, enforcing LCB regulations as well as state and city laws and regulations.
  • Provide security at legislative meetings and other meetings held within the legislative buildings.
  • Manage access to legislative buildings.
  • Provide dignitary protection and transportation for Legislators.
  • Work cooperatively with local law enforcement agencies in accordance with interlocal agreements.
  • Conduct any necessary investigations.
  • Provide building surveillance.
  • Provide other law enforcement duties as assigned to meet the protection and security needs of the Legislature and the Legislative Counsel Bureau.
  • Participate in training necessary to maintain POST certification.


  • Current certification as a Nevada Category I or II peace officer or current active certification equivalent to a Nevada Category I or II peace officer from another state which has reciprocity with Nevada POST. Certification must not be expired or subject to discipline. Out-of-state applicant must demonstrate employment as a peace officer within the immediately preceding 5 years.
  • Pass a physical performance test.
  • Has undergone a complete and documented investigation of his or her background which verifies that the person has good moral character and meets the minimum standards established by the Nevada P.O.S.T. Commission.
  • Is a citizen of the United States.
  • Is at least 21 years of age at the time of the appointment.
  • Has successfully completed the 12th grade or has been certified by an appropriate authority as having an equivalent education.
  • Has undergone a medical examination performed by a licensed physician who confirms in writing that no physical condition exists which would adversely affect his or her performance of the duties of a peace officer.
  • Valid Nevada driver’s license with a satisfactory driving record.
  • Significant full-time experience as a peace officer is preferred.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft applications.